The Hancock-Henderson Hancock Quill, Inc Archives - April 2017

April 5

Boy Scout Troop 61- Court Of Honor
Take "The Quill" Along
The Wisdom Of Barnyard Bruke: 15 Year Old's Prayer-Men Are Happier-Mother-In-Law Problems
Election Results Almost Are In
Election Results In
La Harpe City Council In Special Meeting Approves Bills Amidst Overflow Crowd
Adventures in Travel:

April 12

Helps Local Group Plan for "Happy Trails" for UTVs
Meet Your Neighbor
The Wisdom Of Barnyard Bruke: Fix The Problem, A Great Country, Really Works, Great Truths
Biggsville Village Board Says Ball Park is Available
Legion Enjoys Birthday Party
La Harpe Council Hires New Attorney; Replaces McElhinney with Rankin, Saves City Thousand
Oquawka Village Board Security Cameras Will Secure Park
Stronghurst Village Board
West Central School Board Discusses Old Trophies' Composites
Which Line Are You Using?

April 19

Area Pastor Publishes Tenth Christian Book
Goldie is Golden To Fergusons, Sells at $9,000
The Wisdom Of Barnyard Bruke: Mushroom'n and Spring Fever, Read and Consider Budget Cuts
Bank of Stronghurst and Stronghurst Lions Combined Forces
La Harpe School Board March Meeting
Letters to Editor
Raritan Board Hears of Upcoming Trials

April 26

Take "The Quill" Along
Take "The Quill" Along
The Wisdom of Barnyard Bruke: It Can Be Christmas Any Time of the Year
Council Discusses Water Issues and A $5,000 Payment
Update on water situation
Civic Music: Pianist "Wows" The Crowd
Board Discusses Raising Some WC Student Fees