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Goldie is Golden To Fergusons, Sells at $9,000

Rick and Becky Ferguson of rural Biggsville were invited to Loli Brothers in Macon, MO to an Exotic Animal Sale held on Saturday, April 8.

After arriving at the sale, they soon learned that "Goldie", their 8-month old miniature horse, had many followers, some by phone and others who were very interested in her. You might say, "Goldie" was the talk of the day.

As Rick and "Goldie" entered the sale ring, the bids were flying fast, and within ten minutes, "Goldie" had sold for $9000.00 and was the TOP selling horse of the day!

"She is 22" tall and a pure joy to anyone who met her, and she has a wonderful new home," the Fergusons reported, who definitely will miss seeing her around their farm. But Rick and Becky have many other miniature horses for sale in their 20 year business.

It began with Rick's dad, the late Max Ferguson, who had farmed 40 years at the same farm, raising crops, cattle and miniature horses alongside Rick's mom Donna. Max died twenty years ago and the boys built their mother a beautiful new home in Biggsville on an acerage she had purchased. Rick moved to the farm and continued with the miniature horse business where he grows his own hay.

"Rick's dad would be proud of what Rick has accomplished," Becky said.

Rick also is plant operation carpenter at Great River Medical Center in West Burlington, IA and does Taxidermy on the side, Becky is employed by WW Transport in Burlington, plus you might be lucky enough to have her as your waitress at Big Muddies on a weekend. Their daughter Dakotah, is an avid horseman as well, a top finalist in the World Champion barrel races. She is a Junior at Texas A&M University on a Rodeo Scholarship for barrel racing, majoring in Nurse Anesthetist and minoring in Psychology. Their two grown sons are Jamie Trout of Blandinsville and Chad Ferguson of Omaha, Nebraska.