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Letters to Editor

Update on water situation

Dear Editor

On Friday, April 21st four engineers from McClure Engineering came over to assess the surface water plant and if it is safe to operate.

After looking over the plant the engineers stated there is nothing wrong with the plant and their recommendation was to get the plant back up and running.

As of Friday the plant has not been touched. It appears again that this would be top priority, but Mayor Ryan Kienast is not allowing operators to get it ready for start up.

The engineers also were concerned about stress that is being put on the well plant trying to keep up with daily demand and also pointed out that well draw down should be monitored daily to see if the well is holding up.

I do not believe this is being done either. It was also mentioned that purchasing water from Dallas Rural Water to help with daily demand should be considered.

This has been approved by the IEPA and Dallas Rural Water but has not been implemented. As I understand the mayor said it cost too much.

Again, none of this should be happening as nothing was ever wrong with the surface plant and it should have been cleaned and started back up, instead of letting it set idle, now for over two weeks.

I am concerned about the two city employees and how they're holding up working 14-16 hour days.

The mayor should have had the plant running two weeks ago and it is apparent that he could care less about the city employees and them getting to spend time with their families or he would of had that plant up and operating long before this. I encourage the two employees to hang in there, most people wouldn't under these circumstances. Sincerely,

Tim Graves

Former Water Employee

La Harpe


Appreciates Newly elected council

Dear Editor

I commend the people who ran for La Harpe City Council and won. I hope that each one of them will make decisions on what is best for our town of La Harpe and not reasons to benefit themselves or to hurt other people.

I hope they will be honest and considerate of each other, and have a positive effect on helping our community to work together to make our town a great place to live again.

In less than 2 years, changes have taken place that have divided our town and still questions have not been answered.

We are on our 3rd attorney for the city of La Harpe. Our water superintendent, Tim Graves, has been fired twice. His co-worker, Daniel Carpenter has been fired. Our treasurer, Marsha Neff, of 17 years resigned. City council members resigned, new people took their place and then they resigned. Conflict at city council meetings and so much turmoil in our city government. Could someone please explain why all of these problems have come up now when before our former Mayor Kenny Brown, of over 30 years, ran things smoothly and our water superintendent Tim Graves, of over 30 years, kept our water supply fit for us to use. City council members were together for the good of our community and not against each other.

It makes me very sad to see what has happened in this short amount of time and it's time for a change in positive not negative.

May each of you do what is right for our town so we can have trust in our community again.

Libby Olson

La Harpe