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Election Results In

The Voting is over for the April 4th Consolidated Election, but according to Amanda Rousonelos, Henderson County Clerk's and Election Judge, it will be next week until absentee, early votes, and write-in votes are completely finalized.

County Clerk Rousonelos reported that out of the county's 4,908 registered voters, 1,575 cast their ballot in this year's election for only 32.09% of the vote.

In the race for Mayor in Stronghurst Brendan Schaley was declared the winner over Anthony Popps by a vote of 168 to 10.

In the Oquawka Mayor race Robert Eldridge received 284 votes to defeat Ronald K. Bigger (141) and Sandra L. Fullerton Moody (51).

Those winning seats as village trustees include:

Biggsville (3): Richard M. Goff (58); Kathie S. Curtiss (48); Kevin Mortimer (42); Barbara Reid (31); Jody Bishop (15).

Lomax (3): Kelly Worley (50); Cage Blake (39); Carl Schaefer (35); Ron Logan (34)

Oquawka (3): Lloyd (Hal) Jern (292); Nancy Bundy (271); Tammy Bundy ( 255); Joshua C. Bigger (207); Perry Parsons (102)

Stronghurst (3): Four year term: Michael Bohnenkamp (127); Jerry L. Nortrup (113); David L. Vancil, Sr (87); Tommy Crotts (63); Dillan Vancil (52): two year unexpired term: Randy Jarvis (133).

For village clerk in Media, Hope M. Root received 13 votes defeating Kimberly S. Walters who received 6 votes.

In Oquawka, Jacqueline Smith squeaked by Nina Hurt with 227 votes to Hurt's 221.

The Gladstone Township Supervisor race was won by Niven Gray with 142 votes over Leann Blakley's 113.

In Oquawka the new Township Supervisor will be Dennis Reaves with 368 votes beating out Jeffrey Stanton who received 207 votes.

In the Gladstone Township Highway Commissioner race Nick Bigger defeated Thomas Galbraith by a vote of 151 to 131.

Seats won in the Township Trustees race include:

Carman Township (4): Stacie A. Newberry (41); Edwin Siens (26); Chalmer Good (25); Connie Henry (24); Melinda Poulter ( 20); Amanda Rankin (16); Melody Donlan (9).

Oquawka Township (4): Todd Shinberger (397); Jayne Seitz (392); Ron James (378); Mike Fisher (357); Melissa Stanton (234).

Gladstone Township (4): Robert Bailey (178); William (Bill) Smith (173); Delwin (Dee) Holford (168); James A. Alexander (160); Larry Thompson (148).

The formation of the "Oquawka Fire Protection District" passed by votes of "in village' 296 to 142 and "outside village' 101 to 68.