The Hancock-Henderson Hancock Quill, Inc Archives - February 2024

February 7
Take The Quill Along
Amanda Kane Seeks Spot on Republican ballot for Henderson County Coroner
Henderson County Library Renovation
La Harpe District Fire Marshal Jerry Brown Retires
NATALIE Schmitt: Thinking Out Loud- "Are We There Yet?"
West Central Remains Undefeated in the LTC

February 14
Second January meeting of LH City Council Hears more Reports, and Discussion
Honorable Raymond A. Cavanaugh Elected Chief Judge of the 9th Judicial Circuit
Take The Quill Along
New LaHarpe Family Restaurant Opens
Ethel Farkwad
LaHarpe Council Hear Reports at January 8th meeting
NATALIE Schmitt: Thinking Out Loud "Discoveries"
West Central Girls Earn LTC Championship Title

February 21
Timothy L. Fort, Stronghurst Native is a Nominee for the 2024 Nobel Peace Prize
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La Harpe Council Meets and Approves Cemetery Mowing Contract
Board Approves Good Friday Procession
Stronghurst Booster Club Set Bingo Date
NATALIE Schmitt: Thinking Out Loud "CONNECTING"

February 28
Take The Quill Along
Take The Quill Along
Mississippi Valley Boy Scouts of America, Board of Review
Hancock County starts plans for 200th birthday in 2025
To Explain County School Facilities Sales Tax
La Harpe City Council Holds Short Meeting
NATALIE Schmitt: Thinking Out Loud "Drawing by Numbers"
W.C. Board Discusses Solar Energy