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La Harpe City Council Approves Amended Ordinance involving Recreational Vehicles on City Streets; Water Tower To Be Cleaned

by Michael Rodeffer, The Quill

The La Harpe City Council, at their July 27th meeting, approved Ordinance #2020-4, in regard to Recreational Vehicles of the City of La Harpe which amended Chapter 74 Code of Ordinances (2018).

The ordinance still requires an inspection and approval by La Harpe City police of golf carts and all-terrain vehicles intended for street use. But in addition, owners are now required to pay a $5 registration fee to receive a registration sticker that must be displayed at all times in a visible location on the vehicle.

The amended ordinance now requires turn-signals on all vehicles. This includes All-Terrain vehicles quad, three-wheeler, 4-track, and golf carts.

Still remaining in the Ordinance are:


The La Harpe City Council approved cleaning the water tower. The inside of the tower has a stain which was caused by reservoir water which had copper sulfate in it. The cost to clean the lower part where the stain is will be $2700. IMEG engineer Megan Crook said this could be done without draining the tower.

A motion to have Laverdiere replace the water main of E Street from the Highway to 1st Avenue for the amount of $50,000 was approved.

Dana Bundy spoke to the council about the uneven sidewalk in front of her new chiropractic business on South Center Street and ask if the city would consider fixing it. The council unanimously approved a motion to replace the sidewalk in front of the new business due to safety issues.

Kenny Jackson and Tammy Hudson from Jackson Disposal were present to discuss the garbage collection contract. Hudson said there would not be any change to their service, but a 6% increase was needed to cover the increase that the state mandated for minimum wages. The agenda only stated to discuss the contract so no action was taken at this time.

The council approved paying Economic Development $1741.35 as their part of the dues. The council discussed the streets in town and decided to let Laverdiere start patching the roads where water lines had crossed the streets per their contract. IMEG engineer Megan Crook reported she had visited two households and noticed no smell in their water. Water issues will continue to be monitored.

Brian Covert reported the shrubs and weeds had been trimmed back on the welcome signs coming into town and were all looking much better.

The council approved the treasurer's report and paying of the bills and also approved $140.30 to be used from motor fuel tax to pay Central Stone.

Those present were: Mayor Kat Hasten-Reed, council members Kelly Harkey, Brian Covert, Greg Wisslead, Dave Clover and Jerry Burford, Attorney Chris Scholz, Clerk Lucretia McPeak, IMEG representative Megan Crook, Kenny Jackson and Tammy Hudson from Jackson Disposal, Dana Bundy, Dan Gillett and Quill Reporter Michael Rodeffer.

The council went into executive session at 8:20 p.m. to discuss employee issues.