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La Harpe Council Approves Amendment To The Liquor Ordinance

By: Michael Rodeffer, The Quill

At the regular meeting on July 12th, the La Harpe City Council amended the liquor ordinance to allow "The Bar" to be open on Sundays from 12 noon until 12 midnight.

Eight months ago the council approved "The Bar" to be open during the state "litigation" period because of the COVID pandemic.

The motion passed by a 3-1 vote. Dave Clover, Randy Shumaker and Deanna Stambaugh voted yes and Kelly Harkey voted no.

Bob Shutwell thanked David Little and Trevor Finch for their prompt clean-up of a large limb by his house, that was in the street, on June 24th. Shutwell had notified the men around 7 a.m. and said they had it cleaned up in less than an hour.

Mayor Kat Hasten-Reed read a letter from Marli Burt Deeter expressing her gratitude and thanks to the council and city for her employment. Deeter had turned in her 2 week resignation notice earlier in the month.

Attorney Chris Scholz informed the council he had sent a final notice to the owner of 116 E Main and would apply to the court for the deed for the city after the final notice deadline.

Mayor Hasten-Reed said the council had received a thank you card from the Historical & Genealogy Society for providing a new toilet at their store.

Mayor Hasten-Reed also informed the council that Thursday, Randy Shumaker and herself would be meeting with Jack Kusek and Megan Crook, IMEG representatives and Chris Trotter of Trotter Construction to hopefully resolve some issues at the water plant concerning the high service pumps and their bases. City water department employees Tim Graves and Daniel Carpenter also planned to attend the meeting.

The council unanimously approved an annual employee raise of 3%.

The council also unanimously approved Illini West to use the drive north of the pavilion in the city park as a shuttle pick up for students. This area would allow students to wait under the pavilion roof out of any inclement weather if they had to wait.

Mayor Kat Hasten-Reed's appointment of Brian Covert for Ward I Alderman was unanimously approved by the council.

In other action the council unanimously approved:

Council adjourned at 9:25 p.m.

Present were Mayor Kat Hasten-Reed; council members, Kelly Harkey, Brian Covert, Deanna Stambaugh, Randy Shumaker, Dave Clover; Clerk Lucretia McPeak; Treasurer Monalisa Graves; Attorney Chris Scholz; Police Chief Larry Finch; employees, Tim Graves, Trevor Finch, Daniel Carpenter, David Little; guests, Bob Shutwell, Medardus Bundy, Heather Bundy, Dan Gillett and Michael Rodeffer