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Village Looks At Plans For Veterans Memorial

By: Shirley Linder, Quill Editor

Stronghurst Mayor Brendan Schaley said he has noticed there are a lot of villages that have a Veteran's Memorial but Stronghurst does not.

Although they have bricks with veteran's names around the cannon in the park, the mayor said he would like to see a separate memorial placed in front of the new water tower on Main Street.

Since the ground belongs to the Bank of Stronghurst he will contact them for permission to do this. If they prefer not to, another site will be sought. He has spoken to Jim Blender Legion Commander for the legion members to help with the project.

All board members at this regular Monday, October 1st, gave their approval for the mayor to proceed with plans for this project.

Randy Jarvis volunteered his help, as well as David Knutstrom, who also said he would pay for the cement. Shane Reed suggested the possibility of using one of the lights from the tennis court to illuminate it.

The meeting was opened by Mayor Schaley leading everyone in the Pledge of Allegiance.

Mayor Schaley noted several yards in the village have not been mowed and encouraged residents to take pride in Stronghurst and do a fall clean up. He also stated anyone living on a corner lot to please mow the corners outside the sidewalks where the light poles are located.


Chris Cooper, MSA project manager told the board he had indicated to Maguire that MSA would not approve the last pay application for $10,000 nor current pay application for an additional $1,000 due to work still remaining to be done and the deadlines that have not been met.

Three major electrical issues remain:

1. The main flow switch has been sent back to California for repair or replacement.

2. At least one VFD in the well house is not functioning properly

3. At least one VFD in the well house is not installed

Mayor Schaley will call Maguire and discuss the situation.


Virginia Ross, speaking on behalf of the senior citizens, recommended they hold a workshop for people driving around town on golf carts, ATVs, and other things.

She said many do not have slow moving signs and there are underage drivers.

Randy Jarvis said he had spoken with Arb Vancil on the same subject and Vancil said many were not registered with the village.

Mayor Schaley will speak with Vancil regarding this situation.

David Knutstrom asked for a clarification on the nuisance ordinance concerning barking dogs and cats roaming in resident's yards.

A discussion was held and it was referred to Jerry Nortrup, head of animal control, to research the ordinance and see what the procedure is.


Ronnie Gittings' report included:

At present the meter is located inside the house and they would like to replace it with one outside so they would have a shut off valve.

He requested guidance as to how much the homeowner would need to pay.

It was decided they would be responsible for the cost from the meter into the house.


Police report included: 99 hours worked; 8 training hours; 580 squad car miles; 3 traffic stops; 3 verbal warnings; 5 service calls; 3 assist county; 1 arrest; 22 business courtesy checks.


Attorney Bill Rasmussen was directed to change the pay ordinance for trustees to $65 for everyone. At the present those who are up for election receive $50 per meeting and the other three trustees $65. He was also directed to put in the ordinance if a trustee is not present they are not paid.


In other business the board:

Present were:

Mayor Brendan Schaley; Trustees, Mike Bohnenkamp, Bruce Caldwell, David Vancil, Jerry Nortrup, Amanda Kane, Shane Reed; Employees, Hollie Allen, Ronnie Gittings, Attorney Bill Rasmussen, (Arb Vancil absent);

Guests, Chris Cooper MSA, David Knutstrom, Randy Jarvis, Virginia Ross, Shirley Linder.

The next meeting will be held on Monday, November 5th at 7:00 p.m.