The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.

The 1918 Graphic

Compiled and Edited by Virginia Ross
Registrar for Daniel McMillan Chapter, N.S.D.A.R.1918

Stronghurst Graphic, Feb. 7, 1918 

FARM ADVISOR OFFICE: At a meeting of the directors of the Henderson County Farm Bureau Association, the group chose Stronghurst as the location for the farm advisor. Selection of an advisor has not been made, but a possible candidate is being reviewed.

***W.F.RANKIN*** Many friends and relative will be grieved to learn of W.F. Rankin's death at Tarkio, Mo. last Sunday. Mr. Rankin was a son of the late David Rankin and was born at the present home of Edgar D. Rankin five miles northeast of Stronghurst. His mother was a sister of the late Joseph Thompson. He is survived by his wife, one son, Jesse R., of Tarkio; a daughter, Mrs. Blaine Schaum of Tarkio; two sisters, Mrs. Frank Hanna of Riverside, Calif. and Mrs. Morrison Giffen of Tarkio and his brother J.A.Rankin of the same city. Mr. Rankin had been prominent in business circles and his death causes a serious loss to his family and community.

1893 GRAPHIC: Robert Chase died at the home of his son in this village on Feb.6th, having lived to see his descendants of the fourth generation. Mrs. Cooksie's "Racket" store was burglarized. J.W.McKee was appointed agent for the Santa Fe Land Co. to succeed Joseph Dixson, deceased. James Anderson of Decorra was arranging to pen a cigar factory in Stronghurst.

FORCING A MUSH DIET: Local Food Administrator, C.H.Curry, has notified the merchants of the village that hereafter the 50-50 plan of selling flour must be put into effect here. This means that for every pound of wheat flour sold, the customer must be required to take an equal amount of some substitute cereal. The authorized wheat flour substitutes are corn grits, corn meal, corn flour, hominy, potato flour, rice, rice flour, barley flour, buckwheat flour, oatmeal, rolled oats, sweet potato flour, soya bean flour and feterita flour...The grocers have also decided that hereafter they will sell only 50 cents worth of sugar at a time to each town customer and only $1.00 worth to country customers. (The war forced this type of rationing.)

LOCAL AND AREA HAPPENINGS: Mrs. Kessler returned from visiting her son Frank in St. Paul. Wm. Bittner of Monmouth committed suicide by jumping from a third story window and breaking his neck. Hez Butler has rented the Nordstrom house being vacated by James Flately who is moving to Des Moines. Miss Hazel Long went to the Galesburg hospital for the removal of her tonsils. Will Gould is recovering from a siege of measles at Camp Dodge. Master Charles Stine who suffered from rheumatism is better. Ed Parish has been laid up at home for two weeks with an attack of gall stones. Joseph Dixson, Will Ross, Ed Links and son Hollis left to attend cattle sales in Des Moines. Ralph and Carol Painter, H.N.Vaughn, Tom Dodds and Frank Johnson went to Des Moines to attend some big Hereford cattle sales. Mr. and Mrs. Marion Smith received word that their son Oswald had landed in France. Will Shenck and family departed for Alberta, Canada. Dr. Marshall of Fort. Funston, Kan., has been chosen with four others to take a special three months course in medicine and Xray work at Cornell College in New York. The Curtis Bros. of Lomax are moving their plant to Fort Madison.

OLENA OBSERVATIONS: Mrs. George Fort presently at the Burlington hospital where she was operated on some time ago for cancer is getting along fine. If improvement continues, she will come home. Two of the local enterprising you men made a determined effort to hire the church building which was purchased some time ago by Mrs. Allen for the ostensible purpose of having a social for the young people's Bible Class of the M.E.S.S., but some of the good people got wise to the fact that they intended to get these young people there and then turn it into a dancing party. Mrs. Allen demanded the key to the building and the whole thing was called off. Mrs. Frank Rickles gave a dancing party Monday evening for her two sons who may be called soon to defend the colors. Miss Grace Kroen, who teaches at Hopper, was a guest at the Albert Hult home.

OUTING CLUB BUSTED: James T. Collins and a helper named Murphy, who were operating what was called the Henderson Outing Club with headquarters at East Burlington, (Gulfport today), were arrested. Its ostensible purpose said to be for social recreation which proved to be principally of the liquid variety. The supervisors were put wise to the condition of affairs and they soon got busy with the result that the club's places of business were raided last

Sabbath by Sheriff Knox and their case tried in county court Monday where both plead guilty of selling liquor in anti-saloon territory. Collins was fined $150 and costs with 30 days in jail and Murphy, who claimed to be only a helper, was fined $60. Judge Robinson ordered the sheriff to close their place of business- Henderson County Journal