The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.

The 1917 Graphic

Compiled and Edited by Virginia Ross
Registrar for Daniel McMillan Chapter, N.S.D.A.R.1917

Stronghurst Graphic, June 21, 1917 

1917 RECRUITING OFFICER COMING: Sergeant Wesley E. Doxsee will be in Stronghurst Friday and Saturday for the purpose of recruiting for the army. He will make his headquarters at the post office. Applicants passing the required examination will be accepted by Sgt. Doxsee. Post masters at other places sending acceptable applicants here during his visit will be given proper credit, providing the applicants bears a letter of introduction from the postmaster.

NARROWLY ESCAPES: Little Mack Lazear had a narrow escape from drowning near G.Q.Fort's new home where a group of children were playing in the street. A trench about four and a half feet deep had been dug for the purpose of laying connection pipes to the city main. Because of excessive rains, the ditch had become partially filled with water and the child tumbled head first into the narrow trench. He would have drowned had it not been for Mr. A.L Russler, who was laying brick and heard the cries of the frightened children. He rushed to the spot and dragged the child out.

1892 GRAPHIC: The engineer and four of the crew of a construction train were killed in a wreck on the C.B.& Q. Between Gladstone and Oquawka on the morning of June 18th. The train ran into a herd of cattle killing six of the animals. The barn on the J.M.Fort farm west of town was burned by lightning during a storm. Prof. P.S.Gristy, who closed a teaching term in the high school at Hobart, Ind., was presented with a fine gold headed cane by the patrons in appreciation of his services.

TAKES UP THE CAUSE OF THE RED CROSS: The W.C.T.U. having decided to take up the Red Cross work, called a meeting for the purpose of organizing an auxiliary here. Mrs. W.E.Simonds of Galesburg addressed the group held in the Lyric Theatre (Mr. Beardsley donating the use of the room.) and earnestly detailed the origin, organization and purpose of the Red Cross movement emphasizing the present demand in connection with the world war.

A call for membership resulted with 20 ladies responding. A meeting was called for Wednesday at the Davis Building and 33 more names were added, making the total of 53 members. The following offices were elected: Chairman, Miss Edna Slater; Vice-Chairman, Mrs. Inez Doty; Sec'y., Mrs. Chas. Butler, Treas. Mrs. Geo. Chant. Mrs. Gerald Fort and Mrs. Chas. Davis were appointed to gather up old material.

The following are to be put in the comfort bags and any one wishing tocontribute will please bring or send them to the next meeting: Medium sized safety pins, buttons (black of white), needles, ball of twine, 2 spools thread (black No.36, white No.40), pair small blunt scissors, court plaster, a good motherly letter, large sized thimble, small roll of khaki cloth, testament (they may be purchased for 12 cents) Anyone wishing to contribute money will please leave at either bank.(Locally, what comfort are we extending to our troops around the world today?)

STREETS ARE OILED: A 10,520 gallon tank of road oil was applied on the streets of the village... The surface area covered was approximately 27,000 sq. yards and the amount of oil applied one and six tents qts. per sq. yd. Total cost including cost of application was approximately two and sixty-five hundredths cents per sq. yd. It was applied with the new Austin road oiling machine recently purchased by the county supervisors and excellent results were obtained, including economy effected in distribution, proving the wisdom shown by the county board in the purchase of this piece of machinery. (Sounds as if not everyone had thought it a great deal and now the board had proof that it was.)

U.P.CHURCH Activities: Last Sabbath morning the Stronghurst U.P. Church observed Children's Day as was the custom with an appropriate program and exercises. The decorations under the skillful supervision of Miss Sarah McElhinney, tasteful and beautiful flowers and potted plants abounding in profusion. The program which consisted of songs, Bible drills and recitations was under the direction of Mrs. Bell, Miss Thompson and Miss Evelyn Fort and the children gave evidence of careful training and instruction.

Beautiful weather and fine roads drew a large crowd to the Y.P.C.U.Rally at Biggsville Tuesday evening. Feature of the program were reports from the different societies in presbytery; a Bible declamation contest which was participated in by 11 societies; an address by T.H. Melville of Trair, Ia. and the awarding of the trophy to Alexis society. Stronghurst was well represented in the contest by Miss Esther Marshall. About 40 young people from here made the trip in cars.

COUNTY NOTES: LOMAX-The Burlington ball team crossed bats with the home team with a defeat. John Bowlyou's have moved to the Clem Logan farm where he has employment. Mrs. Ethel Smiddy and Miss Nellie Rockel left for Miles City, Mont. where the former will join her husband and the later her brothers for a visit of several weeks. Several attended the auto races in Burlington Saturday.

OLENA-June 10th was Children's Day at the M.E.Church with the largest attendance probably in the history of the church. The main auditorium and the S.S. room were packed like sardines, mostly with women and children, while the larger per cent of men filled the vestibule and churchyard. The church was tastefully decorated with bunting, flags, and flowers. The program was well chosen and the flag drill was especially pretty and appropriate.

The "ladder building" was well executed while the choir did their part very nicely. Represented were the towns of Oquawka, Gladstone, Biggsville, Media, Stronghurst, Decorra, Hopper and Carman. George Fort is indisposed the past few days. Mrs. John Lant broke one of the small bones in the wrist of her right hand. A few of the village commenced picking berries at the Weir farm at Coloma today.

Not more than one half the crop is reported. The Ed Schroeder family of Media is now riding in a new Overland car and Charles Edwards has a new Ford.

LOCAL AND AREA HAPPENINGS: Mr. and Mrs. T.C.Knutstrom and Miss Martha Davis were Chicago and drove home in a new auto which he purchased there. David McMichael, only son of Dr.and Mrs. Michael of Monmouth, has enlisted in the ambulance corps and is soon to leave for France.

Mr. and Mrs. Meredith Lovitt have moved into the Towler property in the south part of town and Mrs. Ella Parish returned to her own property which they vacated. Mr. and Mrs. I.V.D. Perrine of the south country went to Rochester, Minn. to consult specialists in regard to a cancer with which she is said to be afflicted.

The company of soldier boys which has been on duty guarding the high bridge east of Media while on a hike passed through Stronghurst and made camp here for several hours. They pitched their tents in the city park. (Can't you imagine the entire town turning out to watch the event!) strawberry field south of town.

He states that while the berries are of a fine size and quality, the yield will be comparatively light; he will not be able to fill all of his orders. The hens on the George Matthews farm south of town seem to be "doing their bit" in the producing line. Mrs. Matthews delivered 5 cases of home grown eggs at the Mudd Bros. Grocery last Saturday. The Clem Jarvis family of Carman area are riding in a new Overland car.