The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.

The 1917 Graphic

Compiled and Edited by Virginia Ross
Registrar for Daniel McMillan Chapter, N.S.D.A.R.1917

Stronghurst Graphics,  Feb.8, 1917 

HEREFORD SALE BIG SUCCESS: The first annual Polled and Horned Herford Cattle Sale conducted by the Henderson County Polled and Horned Hereford Breeders' Association placed Stronghurst on the map as one of the most important centers of the cattle breeding industry in the U.S. While it has been generally known that the herds of Herefords owned by such breeders as H.N.Vaughn, R.T.Painter, H.A.Adair and a few others were of the highest class both as regards to breeding and individuality, few outside the membership realized the fact that cattle men from all over the U.S. were turning their eyes toward this locality in search for animals of the breed which is at present growing so rapidly in popularity.

Many hours before the sale opened, the town began to fill with cattle men from far and near-Illinois, Iowa, Indiana, Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, Colorado, South Dakota, Wyoming, Idaho and no doubt a number of others. With so many here it was a foregone conclusion that good prices would prevail; however, it is doubtful that the consignors themselves were prepared for the wonderful rivalry for the possession of their consignments displayed by the bidders present.

In some instances, notably while R.T. Painter's polled bull "Marvel's Pride" and H.N. Vaughn's polled bull "Alexander" were under the hammer, the rivalry displayed in the bidding became sensational and the audience fairly gasped in astonishment as the bids followed each other in rapid succession until the price offered went far beyond the $5,000 mark.

When "Marvel's Pride" was finally knocked off to Mr. Oliver Chandler of Colorado on his bid of $5,400, the audience manifested its approval by an outburst of applause. It is understood that Mr. Chandler had purchased the animal to place with his herd of Hereford in Terre Haute Township and that the animal would remain in Henderson County. Mr. H.N.Vaughn's "Alexander 16th" topped the list in the sale, being knocked off to the Woolf Cromer Cattle Co. Of Mobridge, S.Dakota for $5,500. Col. Fred Reppert, well known live stock auctioneer, presided at the block assisted in the ring by the Magness Bros., W.H. Spiker, Fred Gray and Faye Houtchins. The selling was conducted with remarkable rapidity, the entire offering of 65 head being disposed of in a little over 3 hours. The average price paid for the entire offering was $519 per head.

(Follows is a complete list of consignor, purchaser, and price-if you are interested, check the microfilm at the Henderson County Public Library, Biggsville).

1892 GRAPHIC: Mr. and Mrs. Miller Dobbin of Peotone, Kans., and Joseph Dobbin of Wayne, Nebr. Were called here by the serious illness of their father, Wm.M.Dobbin. J.S.Warner of Leland, Ill. had just purchased the W.F.Morey grocery stock and was preparing to engage in the grocery business. Orr McQuown sold his residence to Chas. Kaiser and was preparing to move to Iowa. The Bank of Stronghurst opened with Messrs. Dixon and Bruen as proprietors, J.W.McKee as cashier and Ed Allison as assistant. The roads in this section were described as being almost impassible.

STOVE EXPLODES: Mrs. W.A.Towler of LaHarpe, mother of W.B.Towler of this place, was the victim of a peculiar accident. While breakfast was being prepared Monday morning on the range which was equipped with a water front fed from the city main, it blew up with terrific force. It is thought that a piece of the range must have struck Mrs. Towler as she was found with a bad bruise on her body as well as suffering from shock.

The explosion is supposed to have been due to the freezing up of the meter through which the water from the main entered the house, the flow of cold water to the stove tank being thus prevented.

Besides demolishing the range, the force of the explosion blew out all the kitchen windows and did considerable damage to the house. Mrs. Towler had just moved a few feet away from the stove when the explosio occurred and this no doubt saved her from more serious injuries.