The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.

The 1917 Graphic

Compiled and Edited by Virginia Ross
Registrar for Daniel McMillan Chapter, N.S.D.A.R.1917

Stronghurst Graphic, Jan. 4, 1917 

CARMAN CONCERNS: The post office has changed hands with Mr. A.C.Babcook beginning his duties. Everett, the 15 year old son of Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Tharp, died of pneumonia at the home of his parents a few days illness. His friends were shocked as only a few knew of his illness.

LOCAL AND AREA NEWS: C.M.Bell and his brother, R.M.Bell of Sherdian, Wyo.spent the afternoon in Galesburg with relatives. Miss Esther Curry entertained in honor of Miss Veva Sanderson at a dinner party at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Curry, on Friday evening.

Thieves entered the barn on the Bailey farm a mile and a half west of Raritan some time last Sunday night or early Monday morning and stole a set of double harness. The Monmouth bloodhounds were sent for on Monday to assist in tracing the thieves, but no word of their success is known. The Douglas Steffey home was the scene of a happy reunion gathering on New Year's day at which all of the children and grandchildren of the couple were present.

A sumptuous feast was one of the enjoyable features of the occasion. Those who were present were Chet Steffey and family and Mrs. Maude Winters and young daughter from Basco, Ill., Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Steffey of Ames, Iowa, Mr. and Mrs. Elzie Gilliland and babe and Otto Steffey. The Fort sisters÷Mrs. Myra and Miss Jennie÷will spend the winter in Galesburg. The First National Bank made a New Year's gift to its stockholders in the shape of a three per cent semi-annual dividend. Mr. and Mrs. H.N.Vaughan are receiving the congratulations of friends over the arrival of twin daughters at their home west of Stronghurst on Dec. 31st. Louis Hoch, an aged German resident of Raritan who lives all alone had the misfortune to loose his dwelling and a portion of its contents by fire which originated in a defective flue.

The ladies of the Stronghurst M.E.Church will hold their next tea in the basement rooms of the church next Thursday afternoon. Those who will serve are Mrs. C.H.Davis, Mrs. J.W.Hicks, Mrs. Wm. Ross, Mrs. Jaggers, Mrs. J.H.Staley and Mrs. Ivins. All ladies of the community are invited to attend. Several trainloads of troops enroute home from the Mexican border have passed through town on the Santa Fe.

A team of horses belonging to George Noble of Oquawka broke through the ice on the river at that point last Tuesday morning while being driven across the river by Clyde Chapin for a load of ice. Although the water was 11 feet deep at the place, the horses were pulled out of the river after strenuous efforts on the part of a large force of men.

The United Presbyterian Church says that Misses Lois Buchanan and Mary and Bessie Campbell, missionaries in India, from Henderson and Warren Counties, are to be home on a furlough next spring. The LaHarpe waterworks system is now on a good paying basis, the superintendent's report for the year just closed showed $1,060.95 collected from water uses with not a single unpaid account on the books. Russell Lober, a resident of the Old Bedford neighborhood, died at the home of his father-in-law, L.H.Metcalf in Blandinsville Dec.23 following an attack of pneumonia.

The deceased was a young man of 22 years. A.C.McAndrews, long time efficient and capable editor of the Dallas City Enterprise, has resigned his position and was replace by Mr. A.Walker.

Auctioneer A.S.McElhinney reports a good sale of the real estate of the late Samuel Galbraith at public auction at Gladstone. The entire farm of 590 acres was struck off to George Galbraith on his bid of $48,970 or about $83.00 per acres. Considering the fact that much of the land is broken and incapable of cultivation, the price obtained for the farm was a good one.

Lomax along with Cairo, Ill.; Metropolis, Ill. and Keokuk, Ia., has put in a bid for the new $11,000 armor plate factory. All sites will be visited by governmental officials. The Media Record plant came near going up in smoke and flame on the night of Dec.24th when an oil heater in the kitchen of the building set fire to the room and burned or ruined most of the contents.

The fire was smothered out by the lack of air as the room was tightly closed. Miss Lulu Hall and James Hutchinson of Biggsville were united in marriage in Oquawka at the home of the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. George Hall.

Mr. Charles Lyons of Olena neighborhood met with a peculiar and painful accident at the home of his father. He was helping do some butchering and it seems it had been decided not to use a gun in killing the animal, but simply to catch the hogs and cut their throats.

As Charlie made a dive to catch a hog, the animal grabbed his hand in its mouth, biting off the end of one finger, lacerating another and also the back of the hand. Dr. Bond was called and dressed the injured hand which will undoubtedly be sore for some time.

***OBITUARY***JOHN BELL The remains of Mr. John Bell, a former Henderson County citizen were brought from Henderson, Ia., for interment in the Olena Cemetery. Mr. Bell died at his home in Henderson on Dec.30th, 1916, from Bright's disease. Funeral services were held in the Henderson Christian Church and services were conducted here in Gladstone at the M.E.Church.

The deceased was united in marriage to Amanda Galbraith in 1888 after which they moved to Iowa. A daughter, who died at the age of 8 years while her mother was here visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Galbraith, is buried in the Olena Cemetery. Mr. Bell is survived by his wife, one son and six grandchildren, besides a host of more distant relatives. He was veteran of the Civil War and was 70 years of age at the time of his death.