The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.

The 1917 Graphic

Compiled and Edited by Virginia Ross
Registrar for Daniel McMillan Chapter, N.S.D.A.R.1917

Stronghurst Graphic, Jan.11, 1917 

WOMEN'S CLUB NOTES: A good attendance heard Mrs. Blanche West speak on the subject of Women's Duties in Civic Affairs of the Community. She congratulated the club on its progress, its methods of work and high spiritual tone.

Since all legislation affects the home, women should insist upon political rights and work with men for civic betterment. She explained how difficulties could be avoided in a small town and gave practical illustrations of methods used in other cities and towns where saloons and pool halls were banished and every part of town made safe and clean for young people. "Prohibition is only half the battle; are there dark corners in your town?' she said.

She advised the women to acquaint themselves with their county administration, the character of the men in office, and the workings of these offices; she stated that is was wise to know how the poor are cared for and how public money is spent... She urged the club to stay affiliated with the Illinois Equal Suffrage Association and to inform themselves as to the work proposed and to assist in bringing about political equality in Illinois for the sake of their children, their homes and statewide.

1892 Graphic: A vivid description of the great earthquake in Japan in which Miss Rena Rezner of this county witnessed tells that for five days everyone lived in the open fields, being afraid to enter their homes on account of the danger of being caught if they should collapse.

Thermometer registered 15 and 14 below zero on Jan. 12th. The Odd Fellows held their first meeting in Stronghurst on Jan.9th. Miss Sarah Gillis died very suddenly at her home northwest of Stronghurst following an attack of LaGrippe, which was not thought to be serious. An article urged the incorporating of the village.

DEATH OF MRS. SARAH WILLIAMS: Death claimed another of the community's aged residents and early settler's Jan.5th when Mrs. Sarah Jane Williams passed away at the home of her daughter, Mrs. A.B.Mills on the D. Wassom farm northeast of Stronghurst.

Sarah Jane (Mace) Williams was born near Adamsville, Muskingum County, Ohio, Jan. 23, 1831. On Feb.24, 1850 she married James M. Williams and in the fall of 1851 they came to Illinois locating on the Gittings farm about 2 1/2 miles south of Terre Haute. In 1854 they moved to a farm about 2 1/2 miles east of Terre Haute and lived there until 1899 when they moved to Terre Haute.

In 1849 Mrs. Williams joined the M.E. Church at Adamsville, Ohio. After moving to Illinois she became a member of the M.E.Church of Terre Haute and remained a faithful and consistent member of that church until the day of her death.

She was the mother of 9 children: Joseph, who had always been with his mother; John Alvy Williams, deceased; Mrs. Margaret Reyburn, Stronghurst, Ill.; Mrs. Mary E. Carney, deceased; Mrs. Hannah Hess, Clearfield, Iowa; James U. Williams, Rutledge, Mo.; Mrs. Cora J. Mills, Stronghurst, Ill.; Harvey M. Williams of Corning, Ia. and one son who died in infancy.

She is survived by 13 grandchildren, three sisters and one brother, namely, Mrs. Rebecca McCullough, Wichita, Kan.; Mrs. Mary Wolford, Decorra, Ill.; Mrs. Hannah Wolford, Bruning, Neb; and Albert Mace, Allerton, Iowa.

Funeral services were conducted at the Terre Haute M.E.Church with interment in the Terre Haute Cemetery.

NEW OF NOTE: The Stronghurst State Bank held its annual meeting and directors were elected: G. Henry Annegers, Frank Crenshaw, C.H.Curry, C.H.Davis, Wm. Hartquist, I.F.Harter, J. E. Painter, J.W.Stine and W.C. Tubbs. The bank an annual dividend of 5 %. The capital at the present time stands at $70,000, the surplus at $70,000 and the contingent fund at $15,000. The total resources of the bank are approximately $700,000. At the annual meeting of the the First National Bank directors elected were the following: C.E.Peasley, C.C.Craig, L.M. Loomis, A.A. Worthington, C.H.Davis, H.N.Vaughan, George Dixon and Delbert Dixson.

The bank show an increase of $75,000 in deposits and its new saving department is proving very popular.

S.W.Carothers will return to Dallas City where he has accepted the position of Supt. Of the electric plant; he had gone to Fort Madison 2 years ago to accept a similar position with the Ft. Madison Electric Co.

The village board passed an ordinance stating that no village money would be spent on the purchase of road oil for the village streets or alleys and such oil would have to be paid for by property owners abutting the streets.

The Road Commissioners of Media Township had before them a petition to close the road running east one mile from the Sanderson corner south of Stronghurst and relocate in 1/2 mile south. They refused and the petitioners appealed their decision to County Supt. of Highways, C.R.A.Marshall who set a hearing date for Jan.22nd.

Keener Bros sued Lewis Dalton in Justice Hurd's court for payment of a buggy sold to the defendant some time ago. Dalton's defense was that the buggy had been guaranteed and did not come up to the requirements specified in the guarantee. After hearing the evidence, the justice rendered a decision in favor of Mr. Dalton.

The Henderson County Polled and Horned Hereford Cattle Association will hold a public auction on Feb.3rd.

Joe Ross has again won ribbons on his exhibits at the Annual Corn Show at Ames, Iowa. Joe's corn placed first on his ten ears of yellow and second on his ten ears of white corn. He then picked one ear from his white corn which won third place in the single ear exhibit. He placed fifth on timothy seed-all were products of Edgar Rankin's seed farm.

The liquor business of this country received one of the severest jolts in its history when the U.S.Supreme Court declared the Webb Kenyon Law as constitutional; this law prohibits the shipment of liquor from wet to dry states and its enforcement will mean much to the cause of prohibition.

LOCAL AND AREA NEWS: Mr. Joe Woodward has been a victim of LaGrippe. The Stronghurst Grain and Mdse. Co. at its annual meeting elected Wm. Hartquist, W.W.Ross and E.G.Lewis as directors. Officers for the following year were Frank Crenshaw, president; Wm. Hartquist and C.E.Peasley; vice-presidents; and C.R.A.Marshall as secretary-treasurer.

Mr. and Mrs. Thos. Dixon and little daughter, Lorena Pearl, spent the day with Mr. and Mrs. J.W.Hicks. The Monmouth Business College went out of business and all of the equipment which was not mortgaged will be sold to meet the financial obligations of the institution.

The Roseville city council is wrestling with the problem of how to pay for oiling the streets. The Commercial Club has petitioned to have the expense met by taxation on all property owners. Miss Maria Dice has returned to Stronghurst from Champaign to accept the position as teacher in the 7th and 8th grades made vacant by the resignation of Archer Wells.

Lomax has succeeded in attracting the attention of no less a personage than the eminent Senator Lodge of Massachusetts who recently introduced a resolution in the Senate asking for an investigation of the "New City" project on behalf of some members of his constituency who supposedly invested money in the scheme for building up a great industrial city in Henderson County.