The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.

The 1917 Graphic

Compiled and Edited by Virginia Ross
Registrar for Daniel McMillan Chapter, N.S.D.A.R.1917

Stronghurst Graphic, Jan.25, 1917 

BUSINESS CHANGES: As a result of negotiations which have been pending for some time, important changes in the personnel of two of the oldest and best known business firms in Stronghurst have taken place. The dry goods and furnishing business which has been conducted under the firm name of W.B.Towler & Co. will here after be conducted under the name of Towler & Grandy. Mr. And Mrs. Towler have been engaged in business here continuously since April1, 1899 and will retire from active participation...

The other business change occurred in the firm of Hunter & Regan, furniture dealers and undertakers. In retiring from the furniture business Mr. T.J. Hunter severs his connection with an enterprise which he established early in the history of the village and which has kept pace with growth of the village itself. Mr. W.C.Regan, who will hereafter have the sole charge of the furniture business, will give it his special attention...

The firm of Hunter & Regan will be engaged in the undertaking business only and wish to state that they will give this their closest attention and best possible service carrying in stock some of the finest furnishings shown anywhere.

1892 GRAPHIC: Virgil Harter, 10 year old son of Dr. And Mrs. I.F.HARTER was critical ill as the result of a blow in the bowels from the fist of a playmate; the blow being delivered in childish sport. (Virgil, later as a young man, died of infected appendix.) The death recorded in this issue: Mrs. Jacob Boughman of Old Bedford; Rev. J.H. Wright who died in Atlanta, Ga., and Mrs. Samuel Curry of Roseville, Ill. Rev. Holmes was conducting a series of revival meetings at the M.E.Church. Miss Addie Ross has just returned from visiting her sister, Mrs. Grace Fulton in Garden City, Kansas.

***OBITUARY***MRS WM. STEVENSON***Mrs. Wm. Stevenson of Biggsville passed away at the Burlington Hospital Jan.22 following an operation for gall stones. The deceased was born in Ireland 70 years ago and was married to William Stevenson at Belfast, Ireland in 1868. The couple came to America in 1871 and settled in Biggsville which has been the home of the family ever since.

Four sons and four daughters are left to mourn her departure. Funeral services were held at the U.P.Church in Biggsville were the deceased was a member.

PUBLIC WINS: At the hearing of the appeal from the decision of the road commissioners of Media Township regarding the changing of the location of the road running east one mile from the Sanderson corner south of Stronghurst, County Supt. Of Highways, C.R.A.Marshall reversed the decision of the Media commissioners and decided that the prayer of the petitioners asking that the said road be moved one half mile further south, be granted.

A survey of the proposed location for the new road will probably be made soon and appraisement made of the damages accruing to the owners of the land through which the road will run.

GEARING UP FOR WAR (Appearing in this issue is an article giving the details on how young men might join the naval reserve for a test period of one month. However, in event of war they would be called to duty; therefore, one month might stretch in several.)

LOCAL AND AREA NEWS: Douglas Prescott has been a LaGrippe victim and was unable to attend his duties at the State Bank. Cashier Widney of the First National Bank was numbered amongst the indisposed. A little daughter was born to Mr. And Mrs. Joe Dixson on Jan.20th and is named Margaret Eleanor. Mrs. Wilsher purchased a new Victrola in Galesburg. Miss Ardis Hicks entertained 8 of her girl friends at a taffy pull at her home. Mrs. Joe Woodward fell and sprained her ankle.

John Francen says that if the sneak who poisoned his dog has a spite against him to take his revenge on him personally next time instead on a dumb animal.

A number of neighbors turned out and hauled 14 loads of wood to the Allen Booten home near Olena and later performed a similar service for Mrs. Pearl Leinbach. The wood was donated by Mr. McCannon; such acts as these reflect the true spirit of benevolence and good will.

Silas Salter was here in the interests of the recently organized Live Stock Insurance Co. of Quincy. He will continue to make his home in Galesburg. Gene Watts and Otis Mills, two LaHarpe lads aged 18 and 19 years respectively, are in the toils of the law as the result of breaking into the Victor Roderick Jewelry Store in that village and stealing a number of Ingersoll watches and some cheap rings. John Shaw of the north country underwent an operation for appendicitis at the Burlington Hospital. The interior of the First National Bank is being re-plastered and re-decorated and while the work is in progress, the bank business will be transacted next door at the Hunter & Regan store.

Mrs. Chas. Forward of Gladstone has been very ill from gall stones and will probably be taken to the Burlington Hospital for treatment. Miss Gladys Meyer and Mr. Earl Knox of Oquawka were united in marriage in Burlington. John Piper, Ed Wright and Carl Wyatt of Lomax returned from Colorado where they each filed on a homestead; this bring the list of eight who have gone there. Mrs. E.E.Cartwright of Lomax area passed away.