The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.

The 1916 Graphic

Compiled and Edited by Virginia Ross
Registrar for Daniel McMillan Chapter, N.S.D.A.R.1916

Stronghurst Graphic, Nov. 29, 1916

LIBRARY NOTICE: Several new books have been added recently to each of our library through the kindness of the following people: Mr. and Mrs. David Gross of Philadelphia, Miss Mary Gross of Stronghurst, Mr. Frank Kessler of Kansas City, and Mrs. J.E.Scott of Pasadena, Calif. The assortment of books for free circulation from Springfield is especially good this month. New books for the Stronghurst free circulating library are to be added for children and young people for the Christmas vacation.

HAD A WRECK: Dr. Reed Salter had several ribs broken, his right knee badly injured, besides sustaining numerous other bruises, as the result of an auto accident which happened to him last Monday evening. He was coming toward the village on the road running north past the R.E.Morse place (home of Ruth Duncan today), when his lights went out. Failing in his attempt to start the lights again, he decided to complete the journey without them. Just south of the corner near the John McKeown place,(Melvin Duncan home) there is a cement culvert across the road and while running along in the darkness, Reed ran the car against the side of the bridge and was thrown violently out, landing on the cement work of the structure and sustaining the injuries mentioned. The radiator of the car was considerably damage and the wind shield shattered, but it was not greatly damaged otherwise

1891 GRAPHIC: Ed Links of the south country had a shoulder dislocated by being thrown by a horse. R.L.Taylor and family moved from their farm

near Raritan to Stronghurst. The State Bank had recently installed a burglar alarm and while explaining its workings to two citizens of the village, Cashier Kaiser, accidentally pushed the button which closed the circuit and rang the alarm bell in Hall's grocery.

In a short time a crowd of 15 or 20 men, armed with all kinds of weapons had surrounded the bank, ready to capture the worst type of crook if need be. Dr. W.J.Emerson had just taken up the practice of medicine at Carman. The gas well still "held out to burn."

LOCAL AND AREA NEWS: A company of militia to be known as company G, sixth Regiment, National Guard of the United States and state of Illinois, is being organized at Aledo. George Peasley is located at Swift Current, Sask, where he has a position with the Northern Crown Bank. The village of Ursa in Adams County is soon to have a new Farmers' State Bank and a new lumber yard. The Biggsville Lodge of Mystic Workers of the World celebrated its 19th anniversary with a supper and entertainment. Joe Wilcox, Chas. Lukens an N.E.Curry were at Peoria where they each took the examination for a barber's license. Mrs. Sarah Graham has been remodeling and improving her residence on Division St. by raising the house and putting a basement underneath and building a kitchen on the west side and grading up the lawn. Spencer Corzatt, son of Mr. and Mrs. S.E.Corzatt, living one mile north of Raritan, underwent an operation for appendicitis at his home. The case was said to have been an aggravated one, but the patient is reported as recovering nicely.

Considerable excitement was stirrup up in Kirkwood when a woman by the name of Munshower opened fire with a Winchester rifle from her home upon some boys and men who were chasing her son home after he had smashed a window in the Smith livery barn. The irate mother is said to have fired three shots at the crowd, one of the bullets crashing through the door of Bert Appleby's barber shop and causing a stampede of waiting customers into the street. The woman was arrested. Mrs. M.E.Stevenson and daughter, Lillian left for Chicago where they will spend a week before taking their departure for North Carolina where they will spend the winter in the vicinity of Mrs. Stevenson's early home.

COUNTYWIDE NEWS-OQUAWKA: H.F.McAllister, Miss Esther and Fred Wilson expect to leave soon to spend the winter months in California. The work on the road east of town is being pushed right along in spite of cold days. Mrs. Jacob Bricker has been quite ill from an attack of gall stones.

OLENA: Farmers are busy gathering their corn crop which is said to be rather disappointing in the average yield. Mrs. Allen, who was formerly engaged in the mercantile business in Olena, is now running a restaurant in Stronghurst. Mr. Pearl Leinbach who has been very critically ill the past few weeks was able to be at church but looks as if he was far from well. The annual reunion of the Lant family will be held Thanksgiving Day at the Ross Lant home near Media. A gentleman from Chicago represent the Anti-Saloon League, recently addressed the congregation in the village church and after speaking of their recent achievements said they hoped to put "Uncle Sam" dry by the year 1920.

GLADSTONE: a SOCIAL PARTY WAS GIVEN AT THE HOME OF Mr. and Mrs. John Knudstrom in honor of their son Samuel's 21st birthday. Mr. Edgar Gray shipped a car load of hogs to the Chicago market. Long time resident, Mrs. Alice Killilea died in Galesburg at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Ott Benbow. A pretty wedding was held at the home of Mr. and Mrs. James Warner when their eldest daughter, Cecil, was married to Mr. Albert Meyers of Biggsville.

***OBITUARY***MRS. FRED MUDD: Mrs. Mudd, after a lingering illness and brave fight against the dread disease, tuberculosis, passed away at the home of her father, Ira Foote. Henrietta Lillian Foote, the eldest daughter of Ira M. and Mary Foote, was born in Henderson County April15, 1895 and spent the greater part of her life in this immediate vicinity. She was married Nov. 24, 1913 to Fred L. Mudd and to this union one child was born, a son, which passed away in its infancy, Feb.22, 1916.

Naturally of a rather frail constitution Mrs. Mudd, a few years ago fell a victim to the "great white Plague." Everything possible was done to stay the ravages of this disease, but without avail and the end came last Tuesday afternoon. She is survived by her husband, her parents, one brother and one sister and numerous other relatives. Funeral services were held at the Stronghurst Christian Church with interment in the village cemetery.