The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.

The 1916 Graphic

Compiled and Edited by Virginia Ross
Registrar for Daniel McMillan Chapter, N.S.D.A.R.1916

Stronghurst Graphic, June 8, 1916

HORSE'S KICK CAUSES DEATH: Frank Gallup, a young man 19 years of age whose parents reside near Kahoka, Mo., and who had been working for the past few months for C.E.Peasley and his son John on their farm west of town, died at the C.E. Peasley home as the result of a kick in the stomach the previous week.

At first it was not thought that the injury would prove serious, but an abscess formed, making an operation necessary. Doctors Bond of Stronghurst and Finley of Galesburg performed the operation but found that infection and absorption had developed to such an extent as to make prospect for recovery slight and the sufferer passed away a few hours later.

The remains were prepared for burial by undertakers Hunter and Regan of this village and shipped from Decorra to Wyaconda, Mo.

HENDERSON COUNTY TEACHERS' INSTITUTE: The annual Henderson County Teachers' Institute will beheld at Stronghurst High School June 12th. The following instructors will be present: D.H.Wells of Carthage; W.S.Booth, Springfield-Ass't. State Supt.; Miss Fannie Brooks-U. Of Illinois, Urbana; Co. Supt. Boyes, Galesburg; Charles Fort, Stronghurst; Miss Cora M. Hamilton, Macomb; Rev. A.L.Yarnell, Media; and E.W.Cavins, Normal, Ill., the author of the speller in use in this county; and one or two others of equal ability and reputation throughout the state. Anyone interest in schools is invited to attend the sessions.

Commencement for 8th graduates will be held at the U.P.Church in Stronghurst Tuesday evening June 16th.

LOCAL AND AREA NEWS: Mr. John Christian and family have moved from Media to Collison, Ill., a village in Vermillion County on the Chicago & Eastern Railroad where he has purchased a fourth interest in a grain elevator. Mrs. Wellington Jenny of Dallas City will be 103 years old on June 11th of this year. Mr. and Mrs. Sam Wheatley have returned to their home in Kansas accompanied by Mr. William Vaughn and Mrs. Susie Baxter.

In Gladstone friends and neighbors were surprised when Mr. D.S.Bryan

went to Burlington to meet his sister, Mrs. Darrah and with her Mrs. D.S.Bryan came out to her new home. A crowd gathered to welcome Mr. and Mrs. Bryan and after making the customary noises with the couple refusing to emerge, the bunch began work in earnest by pouring water down the chimney and tearing off screens. Mr. Bryan still held the fort, forcing the bunch to go in after him, but he claimed success. He knows as he was past master of it. (Seems as Mr. Bryan had engineered a few shivaree's himself.)

Miss Madaline Park of Media public school has won the scholarship of Henderson County by receiving the highest grade in the final examination of the 8th grade. This will entitle her to a free scholarship to enter the state normal.

CARMAN CONCERNS: Mr. Willie Dannenburg and niece, Miss Pearl Kirby, expect to leave for the automobile races in Chicago in a few days. Wm. Miller of Dallas City is painting the interior of the A.C.Babcook home. Mr. Earl Huppert and wife came from Chicago where he has been attending Molar's barber school. He will soon be ready for business in the J. Mower's property which he recently bought and fixed up for a barber shop. He also will run a pool room and restaurant.