The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.

The 1916 Graphic

Compiled and Edited by Virginia Ross
Registrar for Daniel McMillan Chapter, N.S.D.A.R.1916

Stronghurst Graphic, April 27, 1916

EGGED THEIR PREACHER: Rev. W. P. Anderson, pastor of the Stronghurst Lutheran Church and his wife were greeted with a shower of eggs by the members of their flock last Saturday afternoon.

They were not the kind which are sometimes made use of to indicate that an individual is "persona non grata" in a community, but were of the strictly fresh and digestible variety and were presented as an Easter offering.

The parishioners did not appear as a group at the parsonage with their offerings but came in one by one and while at first it appeared to Mr. and Mrs. Anderson as a coincidence that each caller should bring a basket of eggs with them, it soon became evident that they were being "Showered." When the last callers had reported, it was found that the parsonage larder had been replenished to the extent of 70 dozen eggs and the scene resembled a section of South Water St. on a busy day...

1891 GRAPHIC: Gear Putney is learning telegraphy at the local train station. Willis Young had taken the position as night operator at the depot. Mrs. Peasley had just moved from Burlington to the home of her son, Charles Peasley near Decorra. Simon Nevius had just opened up a new restaurant in the village fitted up in elegant style.

TO ORGANIZE CLUB: A meeting will be held at Wax & McKeown's store for the purpose of organizing a fishing and hunting club. All person interested, please attendöC. D. Wax, C. E. Lynch, P. A. Stamp

LOCAL AND AREA NEWS: Dan Crist of the Raritan neighborhood is quite ill from an attack of blood poisoning. Chester Marshall of Missouri Valley, Iowa, is visiting his brother Newton Marshall. Miss Annis Drew is employed as a teacher at a business college in Springfield.

Walter Dobbin and wife have rented the Tillotson property on Main Street. John Simonson returned from Excelsior Springs, Missouri where he has taken treatment for rheumatism. Mrs. Grace Bainter and daughter Adeline of Biggsville are spending a few days with relatives. Iva Reynolds and family have moved to Dallas City where he has secured employment in the Burg factory.

Rollo Mudd returned home after spending the past few months touring the Southern and Eastern states with the Warwick Male Quartette of which he is first tenor.

A couple of U.S.Revenue men were in town endeavoring to ascertain why the health of the general public in this community requires the use of such an unusual amount of stimulants as is being shipped here for medicinal purposes. (The dry town was buying their hooch as medicine.)

Grover Keener has sold his residence on Elizabeth St. to A.S.McElhinney. M.E.Beardsley and family visited relatives in Chicago. He also looked through the wholesale markets for his business.

A seven year old son of Mr. and Mrs. John Dakin of the old Ellison neighborhood became lost while strolling in the woods after school hours. A search for the lad participated in by over a hundred people and the Monmouth police blood hounds was kept up until daylight the next morning when the boy showed up at a farm house near Sciota about 14 miles from his home.