The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.

The 1916 Graphic

Compiled and Edited by Virginia Ross
Registrar for Daniel McMillan Chapter, N.S.D.A.R.1916

Stronghurst Graphic, July 27, 1916

PICNIC, A BIG SUCCESS: The attendance at the I.O.O.F. Picnic was not as large as on previous occasions due to the unusual heat during the day and the fact that farmers were in the midst of their oats and hay harvest, but at night many came to listen to the music and speaking and enjoy other kinds of entertainment. Rev.A. Jaggers of the M.E.Church called the assemblage to order about 2:30 p.m. on Friday delivering a short address of welcome. He was followed by Atty. J.W.Gordon of Oquawka and in the evening Hon. W. J. Graham, candidate for Congress. Saturday featured more speeches by politicians and both nights the crowds enjoyed music furnished by the quartette: W.J.McElhinney, W.C.Ivins, C.E.Fort and Chas. Fort. The Stronghurst Band was assisted by high class talent from abroad.

Hadji-Lessik, the wonderful triple gun juggling expert and Sweaney, the dancing monkey, furnished free entertainment for the crowd from time to time during the two days, but Dare Devil Dale failed to show up; he sent in his place a balloonist who was supposed to make several ascensions and parachute drops, but he as well as his assistants seemed to be amateurs and each attempt resulted in a fiasco.

Candidates galore for county, district and state offices were circulating freely and it was comparatively easy matter for anyone addicted to the weed to enjoy a pretty fair cigar without patronizing the booths where they were on sale. The day after was Sunday and a considerable portion of the populace was too much exhausted to attend a church in the morning.

1891 Graphic: Mr. and Mrs. W.J. McElhinney had just moved to their new house on the farm east of Stronghurst. The members of the U.P. Church were raising money for the purchase of a bell for their house of worship. Residents of the vicinity west of Raritan were stirred up over the presence of what was believed to be a real live panther.

The beast was supposed to have its lair in a patch of undergrowth along Honey Creek. Charles Scott of Terre Haute had received the appointment as superintendent of the hospital for the feeble minded at Jacksonville, Ill. Quite an exciting foot race occurred at Raritan between Will Stine of the south country and a man named Sweasy from Blandinsville. Will Stine won causing various and sundry dollars to change hands. The total assessed valuation of real and personal property in Henderson County was given at $2,660,417 and the county was reported out of debt.

LOCAL AND AREA NEWS: The Misses Grace Marshall, Marie Mudd, Mable Simpson, Katie Wheeling and Thelma Smith have been attending the Illinois Normal at Bloomington. Lester Herndon came over from Burlington to play in the band and is now working in the W.&W. CafŽ. J.F.Mains and family took their departure for their new home at Knoxville.

Last Sunday night Gilbert Simpson, who drives for the Sutliff livery, was taking Robert Vaughan and Jack Simonson to the home of the former west of town in an auto when they were about to cross the bridge spanning the ravine just east of the Vaughn home when the car skidded and stuck the bridge. Robert, who was in the front seat was hurled out of the car and into the ditch 15 feet below. He was badly bruised about the face, but escaped without serious injuries. The car was not damaged to any extent, but if it had not been for the fact that the bridge railing was of heavily braced iron, the machine would no doubt have gone into the ravine below.

While going from Stronghurst on his motorcycle last Saturday night, Emil Peterson collided with a rig which turned out on the wrong side of the road. The motorcycle was quite badly damaged, but by almost a miracle Emil escaped without serious injury. R.M.BILLUPS, who is working at the oil pumping station at Ponemah, struck his wrist with a heavy hammer while working inside of a cement mixer. Charles Beardsley and family of Tulsa, Okla., visited his brother, M.E.Beardsley and family before continuing on to Chicago.

The heat for the past few days has been simply terrific, the mercury evidently attempting to best the record of the previous day. Many thermometers have registered better than 100 degrees in the shade without any relief in immediate prospect. Roland Davisdson, who has been having trouble with one of his ears, went to Galesburg where an examination revealed an abscess on the ear drum. The band which Prof. Meyers succeeded in getting together for the I.O.O.F. Picnic was undoubtedly the best which has ever furnished music for this annual event. He had 17 pieces in all and they played the very heavy arrangement of many difficult numbers.

OLENA OBSERVATIONS: Measles and whooping cough been in the area. The Olena congregation is preparing for their second Home-Coming or Community Picnic on Aug.5th. Work on the new wagon bridge at Burlington has begun. (MacArthur Bridge) The following teachers have employed for the coming year: Olena-Miss Burrell; Hopper-Miss Mathers of Media; the Evans district-Mrs. Tillotson; Brooks School-Miss Lukens; Marston School-Miss Hartquist; Marshall School-H.S.Lant; South Prairie School-Miss Wright of Stronghurst.

Corporal Lant decided that it was not good for man to be alone so he and Miss Vera Burrell were quietly joined in wedlock the day previous to his joining the colors. Archie Lant, second son of Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Lant, has joined the militia and has also been sent to Texas. These two young boys are cousins, born and reared near Olena and have had the pleasure of meeting since they were called for duty on the Mexican border.