The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.

The 1916 Graphic

Compiled and Edited by Virginia Ross
Registrar for Daniel McMillan Chapter, N.S.D.A.R.1916

Stronghurst Graphic, August 31, 1916

1891 GRAPHIC: James Atkinson had taken the contract to build a fine two story residence for P.M.Carnahan, the hardware man. S.V.Powell, a citizen of Stronghurst, claimed to have awakened one morning and found a small hole in a window pane of his bedroom and a bullet imbedded in the headboard of the bed in which he had been sleeping. John Y. Whiteman of Biggsville married Miss Alma Auld of Crawfordsville, Iowa, on Aug. 27th. The case of Miss Carrie Harbinson against the directors of Salter's Grove School for salary claimed to be due and which had been taken to the circuit court on appeal, was dismissed by Judge Glenn on the ground that there was no written agreement between teacher and directors and no meeting of the school board held to employ her.

RICHEY-MARSHALL REUNION: The descendants of R.W.Richey and Alexander Marshall, pioneer settlers of Henderson County, held their annual reunion at the J.W. McClinton home at South Henderson. The Richey and Marshall families became united in 1848 when John Marshall, son of Alexander, married Ann Maria Richey, the daughter of R.W.Richey. Outside the members of the two families living in this vicinity, the family of George Pierce of Bloomfield, Iowa, was also present.

COMMUNITY WOMEN'S CLUB MEETS: Saturday afternoon at the Presbyterian Church the women's club meeting opened with scripture reading and prayer. Mrs. Charles Fort very ably led the group in singing the club song. After a business meeting and roll call, the president introduced Mrs. S. Holloway McClung of Monmouth who addressed the group on Women's Civic Work in state and town.

***OBITUARY***MARGARET A.FOOTE At her home in Washington County, Colorado, August 25, 1916 after a brief illness, Mrs. Margaret Burditt Foote died. She was 81 years and had been gradually declining for a number of years. In 1862 she married B.F.Foote, who was at one time one of most extensive landowners in this section of the state and who had built the large stone house two miles southwest of Stronghurst on the farm now owned by H.N.Vaughn. (Fort Family home today) Mrs. Foote continued to reside at the home after the death of her husband until 1910 when with her youngest son, Tunis, she moved to Washington County Colorado to make her home.

The remains were shipped to Stronghurst and the funeral services were conducted from the Christian Church with interment in the village cemetery. Five children are left to mourn her departure: Ira Foote of Stronghurst, Henry Foote of McDonough County, Ill., Mrs. A.Van Winkle of Alberta, Can. and Tunis Foote of Colorado.

SCHOOL IN SESSION: Vacation days are over and once more the feet of the rising generation in this community are daily turned toward the handsome and imposing structure in the village dedicated to the cause of education. (School began on Monday) On hand to begin their work of guiding the youthful minds along the paths of knowledge: Principal, W.S.Pope; 1st Assist., Miss Myrtle E. Hastings; 2nd Assist., Miss Kathryne McCollum; 1st and 2nd grades, Miss Jean Anderson; 3rd and 4th grades, Miss Lulu Kessler; 5th and 6th grades, Miss Hortense Harbinson; 7th & 8th grades, Archer Wells.

Up to date 111 pupils have enrolled in the grades and 89 in the high school. On half the enrollment in the High School is from the surrounding country-non residents.

LOCAL AND AREA NEWS: Representing Henderson County at Boys' State Fair School at the fairgrounds in Springfield will be Leslie D. Marshall, Stronghurst. From the town, Samuel Howell of Carman will attend and Leslie Ricketts is the alternate. Each boy who attends this school is expected to furnish his fare to Springfield, pay five dollars to cover his board, tuition and incidentals, and to provide himself with sheets, towels, soap and other articles. (Wasn't cheap to be chosen; a dollar was worth far more in 1916 than today.)

Ray Rankin, son of Mr. and Mrs. Sam Rankin of the southeast country, married Miss Mattie Hardesty, who lives 4 ¸ miles southeast of Raritan, at the parsonage of the M.E.Church in Galesburg on Aug. 23, 1916. Dr. R.P.Frans, formerly of Stronghurst and now of Monmouth, has opened a new veterinary hospital in connection with a feed and sales stable on East 1st Ave. Miss Laura Kern of Decorra will begin teaching a term of school near Little York. Scott Houston of Blandinsville recently lost a pure bred Percheron mare valued at $500 from blood poisoning resulting from a collar burn. Miss Omah Lukens of Media will teach in the stone school district south of Gladstone. The Roseville band gave an open air concert last Thursday evening.

An unusually beautiful display of the Aurora borealis illumined the northern sky last Saturday evening. The firm of Cooper and Duncan, harness dealers at Raritan, has been dissolved by mutual consent; The business will be hereafter conducted solely by C.S.Cooper. A freight train composed of 118 cars, a mile and a quarter in length, passed west on the Santa Fe Tracks through here on Sunday.

Edwin L. Hamilton, superintendent of the Monmouth-Galesburg Construction Co. and one of the most highly respected citizens of Monmouth met instant death in a peculiarly shocking manner. He was engaged with two other men in moving a safe door weighing several tons when from some cause the door toppled over catching Mr. Hamilton's head between it and the big steel vault, crushing his skull like an egg shell and breaking his neck. Rex Hicks, who has completed one year at the United States naval Academy at Annapolis, arrived home for a 30-days vacation. John Fordyce expects to visit his old home near Waynesburg, Pa. He will stop at the state fairs in Columbus, Ohio, and Wheeling, W.Va.

In Oquawka Bud Ditto underwent another slight operation at his home; he is getting along nicely. Tony Stenzel of that place had the misfortune to get his shoulder broken when a horse kicked him. The J.S.Morehead house nearly burned to the ground when the summer kitchen caught on fire from a defective flue. The firemen arrived on the scene in time to move the kitchen from the main part of the house and so saved everything expect the kitchen and its contents.

Well drillers from Burlington are putting down a well at the Clyde Galbraith place in Gladstone. Rumor abounds that a lumber yard will soon be in there. Mrs. John Francen was called to the home of her daughter, Mrs. Pendry near Gladstone to help take care of her little grand daughter Mildred Pendry, who was ill with cholera infantum. Mrs. Mary Love returned to her home in Little Rock, Ark after several weeks visits with relatives in Lomax. The ball game between Riverside and Lomax was settled in the favor of Lomax, the home team.

THERE SHE GOES: Last Tuesday evening Charles Schroeder and Harold Fordyce were driving to Stronghurst in Schroeder's buggy when in front of the Crane residence a mile and a half northwest of town, Schroeder, who was driving, shot a dog which was in the road. The horse was frightened and ran away. John Fordyce, who was also driving to town in a single buggy was a short distance ahead of the boys and found himself confronted by the runaway horse, who smashed into his rig overturning both buggies and throwing the occupants out. In the fall Harold sustained a dislocation and fracture of one ankle. Mr. Fordyce prevented his horse from running away but was badly bruised up in the mix-up. Schroeder escaped without injury. Both buggies were badly wrecked in the accident.

Notice: A meeting will be held at the Maple Grove Church Sept.2 for the purpose of organizing a Cemetery Association of the proper care of that place.