The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.

The 1916 Graphic

Compiled and Edited by Virginia Ross
Registrar for Daniel McMillan Chapter, N.S.D.A.R.1916

Stronghurst Graphic, August 10, 1916

GLADSTONE GLEANINGS: Frank Hulet left to join the army; he went to Ft. Doge, Ind., where the company is stationed. Jacob Rust is very ill. The Gladstone boys defeated the Carman ball team with the score being 25 to 4. The Gladstone band will give an ice cream social on the lawn of Will Graham's residence.

OQUAWKA OCCURRENCES: What might have been a serious accident happened near here Saturday evening. Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Fair were going to Rozetta in Ben Duke's Chalmers car and James Pearson was coming from his home in his new Overland car. The two cars collided at the turn at the Mrs. Susie Beaty corner, neither driver seeing the other until too late to turn aside. Neither car was running very fast, which accounts for the fact that the consequences were not more serious. Mrs. Fair was cut in the face by the glass from the broken wind shield of the Duke car, but Mr. Pearson escaped injury. His car, however, was pretty badly damaged.

T.C.Allen (former sheriff) is still very low at the Burlington Hospital. Bud Ditto is recovering nicely from his recent operation; he was able to sit up. Mrs. Martin, who broke her hip some six weeks ago, is able to be around on crutches.

OLENA HOMECOMING: Saturday, August 5th was the second annual Home Coming or Community Picnic which was held on the grounds. An estimated crowd of about 400 old friends and neighbors gathered and the little village seemed to take on new life. A very nice program of music by Miss Grace Marshall of Stronghurst and a reading by Miss Dorothy Bainter of Stronghurst led up to a splendid address by Rev. Blout. An excellent dinner was served.

The parcel post sale was so well appreciated that it went out of business in about thirty minutes, netting something over $10. The amusement committee kept the people entertained with games, contest and stunts of various kinds.. The event was a financial success as $100 changed hands during the day...

CHAUTAUQUA TENT IS UP: The "Big Top" of the Lincoln Chautauqua Association has arrived and has been erected at the west edge of the village park on Broadway. Music will be a big feature as well as a dash of magic. No two days will be alike: lecturers will be of the alert, informative who will stir your interest in the practical, profitable and pithy discussions they present. A season ticket for two dollars makes the cost a few cents per individual... The event will open Thursday with a big auto parade and a free play festival for the children. There will be ticket rushes and games during which free season tickets will be awarded to the winners.

1891 GRAPHIC: The Apt boys, assisted by J.A.Wagner and J. Selmo, gave one of their popular entertainments in the Stronghurst opera house. The previous week thieves stole a pair of bridles from Chas. Raymond, a set of breaking harness from Dr. H.B.Harter and an $80 set of harness from parties near Raritan. About 40 young friends of Miss Millie Crenshaw perpetrated a surprise by gathering unannounced at her parents' home 7 miles south of town to spend the evening. An interest and well attended township Sabbath School Convention was held in the Olena U.P.Church.

The ten month old child of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Walker of Carman drowned by falling head first into a tobacco bucket partly filled with water. George Curry from Quitman, Mo., was visiting friends. Charles Ralph of Terre Haute and Miss Phebe Bennington of Stronghurst were married Aug.10th at the Smith house in Oquawka.

BURGLARS STRIKE STORE: Burglars effected an entrance into the M.E.Beardsley & Co. store either late Wednesday evening or early Thursday morning and carried away two complete outfits of clothing,

including shoes. As nothing else of value was disturbed, the nocturnal visitors evidently felt the need only of a change of raiment. They forced a basement window on the west side of the building without even breaking the lock and came up from there into the store. Mr. Beardsley estimates the value of the two suits with shoes and accessories at between $50 and $60.