The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.

The 1916 Graphic

Compiled and Edited by Virginia Ross
Registrar for Daniel McMillan Chapter, N.S.D.A.R.1916

Stronghurst Graphic, April 13, 1916

LOCAL AND AREA NEWS: George Drain and family have moved onto Mr. Isaac Brokaw's farm southwest of Raritan. Reeder Garret and family moved into the George Stanley home; he is working for Arthur Pogue. John and Rex Mudd, who have been attending veterinary school in Chicago, have returned home for the summer.

Harry F. McAllister was down from Oquawka conducting the Master in Chancery Sale of 80 acres of land belonging to the estate of the late Wm. Wisher. The tract, which is situated just south of Honey Creek, 3 miles west of Stronghurst, was purchased by Mrs. Wilsher for $7,600.

Elder Catlin, pastor of the Old Bedford Christian church desires us to announce that on next Sunday evening he will preach a sermon of the reason for a Hell and the need and justice of it. (This topic should bring it a large crowd.)

A spark from the chimney started a small blaze on the roof of the Stronghurst M.E. parsonage, but it was noticed by neighbors and extinguished with a few buckets of water.

The firemen were quickly on hand with two leads of hose ready to attach to convenient hydrants, but their services were not needed. (This was good PR for the fire department who recently had spent money on equipment.)

(In this paper are sample ballots for village trustees: both a men's and a women's ballots for the citizens' and independent ticket were printed.

Obviously, Stronghurst was enlightened and let women vote before they were so privilege nationally.)

GLADSTONE GLEANINGS: Dr. Gay was in town visiting relatives before returning home to Winfield, Kansas. Ruth Babcook is very sick at her home. The yearly meetings were held at the M .E. Church and the U. P. Church. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Galbraith welcomed a new baby boy to their home. A. L. Freed returned home in Kewanee after contracting to put up several monuments near here.

A jolly bunch of girls walked out from Burlington Sabbath day for an outing at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Taylor Galbraith; they returned home on the 6 o'clock train.

OLENA OBSERVATIONS: Work on the M.E. Church is slowly progressing. A new roof and papering throughout have been done, but there is much to do. The congregation is holding services regularly, however, and extend a welcome to all who may wish to attend Sunday School at 2 p.m. and preaching at 3 p.m.

Mrs. Lillie Ellis, who spent the winter with relatives here, is returning to her home in Seattle, Wash. Mrs. H.S.Lant, whohas been quite a sufferer with LaGrippe and acute quinsy, is having her throat lanced a second time. Mr. Terry of Media started his grocery wagon through the neighborhood and Mr. Hathaway of Media is making the rounds buying eggs and poultry. Mr. Wm. Marshall now rides in a spick and span new automobile.