The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.

The 1915 Graphic

Compiled and Edited by Virginia Ross
Registrar for Daniel McMillan Chapter, N.S.D.A.R.1915

Stronghurst Graphic,  July 1, 1915

HE SUED HIM: Tom Moore sued John Edmonds in Justice Morgan's court claiming to have purchased a horse of Edmunds for $60, the animal to be delivered in Stronghurst the next day. The horse not showing up at the appointed time, Moore accompanied by Harry Perry returned to the Edmonds farm and found that the latter had sold the horse to another dealer. This dealer in turn had sold the horse in Galesburg for $125. The suit was brought by Moore to recover the difference between the amount for which he claimed to have bought the horse and the amount for which he was sold in Galesburg.

Edmonds claimed that he told Messers Moore and Perry that he could take $60 for the horse, but that did not constitute a contract. After hearing the evidence on both sides, the justice rendered a verdict in favor of Moore awarding him the sum of $60. Edmonds vows to appeal.

UNION SERVICES IN THE PARK: Beginning with Sabbath evening, July 4th, the four churches of the village will unite in union services to continue during the remainder of the warm weather season. These meeting will be held in the city park each Sabbath evening at 8 p.m. unless unfavorable weather should force them to be moved to the United Presbyterian Church.

BURLINGTON BUILDS A TRACK: The half mile race course at Burlington Tri-State Fairgrounds has been completed and has received the official approval of the American Automobile Association so it seems certain that the 100 mile race on July 9th will be held. It will be the only one of its kind in the country this season.

To give an idea of the speed that is possible over the local course, last Sunday at the opening of course trials, a local car turned one lap in 33 seconds, one second below the world's record for a half mile over a two-lap track...The seat sales for the race has been opened and 35,000 people are expected to view the event.

LOCAL AND AREA NEWS: The band concert last Saturday evening brought a large influx to town from the surrounding country. The streets were thronged with autos and other vehicles, the sidewalks with pedestrians and the business houses with customers. Mr. and Mrs. Elzie Gilliland are the proud parents of a fine baby girl born to them Friday, June 25th, the anniversary day of their marriage. Our village baker has during the past week refrained from any unbecoming exhibitions of exuberance and gives promise of bearing his new title of "grandpa" with befitting dignity. (Rather a different way to announce the birth of a child.)

Clausie Ahlers won the Raritan Township Normal Scholarship in the 8th grade examination. This makes the third of the children of Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Ahlers who have won this scholarship in recent years. R. E. Milligan and wife with their three children arrived from Ivesdale, Ill. and have been visiting at the home of Mrs. Milligan's parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Ivins. Bob, who is employed as assistant cashier in the Ivesdale bank has increased considerable in avoirdupois since leaving here three years ago and many of his old acquaintances failed to recognize him. (Translation: he was so fat that his friends did not know him. You just don't see such comments in today's paper.)

The highest price for the year in the cattle market was reached at Chicago Monday when $9.75 was paid for fancy steers. B. R. Higgason, J. E. Ream and R. VanPelt are here from Knoxville, Ill. doing some plumbing work on contracts. Two car loads of material for the steel tower and elevated water tank for the village arrived and work on the erection of it will begin at once. J. E. Amerman is making extensive improvements on his residence on North Broadway including the installation of a furnace, a bath room and other modern conveniences.

The "Belmont" school district in the north end of the county has arranged for the erection of a modern new school building to cost $8,600 to replace the one destroyed by fire last spring. The specifications call for two recitations rooms, a lunch room, waiting room and a large basement to be furnished with a play room and gymnasium. Miss Maria Dice of this place was one of the teachers in the school last year.

Mr. John Mathers and two daughters of Nebraska are visiting relatives in Media. Mr. Staats' store in Gladstone had a big booster crowd Saturday evening. Music and song was enjoyed by many who signed up for the contest. A fine piano was the first prize and a number of other prizes were to be won by ones who got the most votes in the voting contest.