The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.

The 1915 Graphic

Compiled and Edited by Virginia Ross
Registrar for Daniel McMillan Chapter, N.S.D.A.R.1915

Stronghurst Graphic, May 13, 1915

VILLAGE BOARD MEETING: At the new village board meeting called to order by the new president, W. C. Ivins, the board decided to accept the proposal for pumping machinery for the deep well from International Harvester Co. to furnish and install a Keystone Driller Co., Downey double acting deep well pump and a 12 horse power oil burning International Harvester Co. Engine for the sum of $1,740. As there was but one proposal for the erection of a pump house, the board deferred that decision to a committee.

DID THEIR BEST IN TRACK MEET: A quartette of athletes from the Stronghurst High School accompanied by principal Pope went to Fairfield, Ia. last Saturday to participate in the 7th annual Tri-State High School Meet. Team members who attended were Geo. Brokaw, Cleo Stine, Otto Steffey, and Roland Davidson. The trip was made by auto, the party leaving here Friday evening. The meet day was cold and chilly and while the Stronghurst boys were a little disappointed in the score of points which they accumulated, they made a creditable showing considering that there were 120 contesting athletes representing 16 high schools.

In the 440 and 22 yd. dashes, Brokaw took second. Davidson won second place in running broad jump and Steffey third in the discus. Total points for the team were 10.

OBITUARY***MRS. SAMUEL GALBRAITH: Mrs. Samuel Galbraith, one of the oldest, best known and most highly respected woman of this county, died at the family home near Gladstone, Tuesday evening following an attack of pneumonia. Mrs. Galbraith was the daughter of John and Nancy Evans who moved to Henderson County from Ohio in 1837 while a girl of 7 years. She was a sister of the late Jack Evans of Decorra.

She married Mr. Galbraith on June 28, 1849 and the aged couple celebrated the 65th anniversary of their wedding last year.

Thirteen children were born to their union, of whom eleven are living: Mrs. Amanda Bell of Henderson, Ia.; James F. of Emerson, Ia.; Mrs. Minerva Slump of Pottawtomie Co., Ia.; Mrs. Mary Pratt of Carson, Ia.; Mrs. Eveline Bacon of Carson, Ia.; Jennie, Irving at home; George of Henderson, Ia.; William of Gladstone, Ill.' Edward of Oakland, Ia.; Clyde of Tulia, Tex. and Mrs. Eddie White of Gladstone.

In addition to her aged husband and the above mentioned children, Mrs. Galbraith is survived by one sister, Mrs. Melinda Sells of Iowa. Funeral services will be conducted at the home on May 15 by Rev. Renwick of Gladstone and Rev. Jackson of Biggsville officiating.

ASSESSED VALUATION: The supervisors and assessors from the various townships in the county met for the purpose of discussing the question of the basis of the valuations to be placed upon real estate for taxation purposes. It was decided to place a maximum valuation of $99.00 per acre upon farm lands.

Those attending were the following: County Treas. F. F. Rehling of Carman, C.W.Cooper and J.D.Allaman of Bald Bluff; B .C. Duke, Ross Brimhall and W. E. Thomas of Rozetta; Frank Wood of Oquawka; A.Wiegand and Chas. Essex of Biggsville; G. M. Stevenson and Marcellus Galbraith of Gladstone; G.W.Howell and Walter Howell of Carman' J. U. Vaughn of Lomax; E. G. Lewis and Wm. Drain of Media; John Simonson and Henry Gearheart of Raritan; J.E. Painter, W.W.Ross and J.N. Herbert of Terre Haute; and C.H.Curry, C. E. Fort and C. F. Lauber of Stronghurst.

LOCAL AND AREA NEWS: The Oquawka button factory, which has been closed since last November, was started up the first of the week and fifteen men placed at work. A. E. Wetterling went to Ottawa to visit his wife who has been taking treatments at the tent colony for invalids there for several weeks. The Misses Beulah Fisher, Mabel Simpson and Marie Mudd took their first teacher's examination under the new state law at Oquawka last week. Miss Ruth Heisler, who has been teaching in the Graham school north of town, has been re-employed for the next year. (This school which was moved to Raritan is now part of the Henderson County Historical exhibit in that town.) Miss Marion Barnett closed her school term in the Raritan neighborhood and has been engaged to teach in Olena next year.

While riding his bicycle on his way to the light plant last Friday evening, M. F. T. Schierbaum collided in the darkness just north of the Broadway Santa Fe crossing with a horse and buggy being driven by Harry Clark. In the mix-up, Mr. Schierbaum was severely bruised and received a number of gashes about the head and face which had to be closed by a physician.

The tow boat of the American Floating Theatre sank in the Mississippi near Montrose, Ia.; no lives were lost. Mr. M. F. T. Schierbaum recently installed a new gas engine at the light plant. A one man cross saw found on the road between Stronghurst and Olena awaits the owner at the Graphic Office. Mr. W. S. Kemp of Decorra was thrown off and badly bruised while riding a motorcycle. Stronghurst passengers to Burlington from Carman were Mr. William Wilsher, wife and sister-in-law, Mesdames McLain, Hanes and Mrs. Charles Bell and son Paul and Mrs. Henry Strodtman and wife. (People living in Stronghurst normally would ride the Santa Fe down to Lomax and then walk over to the little C.B. &Q. Depot and catch the "Dolly" to Burlington. If, indeed, their trip by train originated in Carman, they would have had to go by buggy or car to that destination before continuing onward aboard the "Dolly" as no car/horse & buggy bridge existed across the Mississippi.)