The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.

The 1915 Graphic

Compiled and Edited by Virginia Ross
Registrar for Daniel McMillan Chapter, N.S.D.A.R.1915

Stronghurst Graphic, April 22, 1915

1915 AWARDS PIPE CONTRACT: The Board of Local Improvements of the village met at the village hall to receive bids for the construction of Stronghurst's proposed water supply system of main, pipes, hydrants, etc...Seven firms put in bids with the contract going to T.H. Iglehart, Chicago, on his bid of $10,373.30.

With the well capable of furnishing an apparently inexhaustible supply of water, the contract for the tower and elevated tank signed, and that for the pipe system awarded, there remains but two essential details to be provided for, namely, the pumping machinery and pump house.

SCHOOL NOTES: The Stronghurst High School has been placed on a list of fully recognized four year high schools by the University of Illinois, only two schools in the county have been so classified. Five colleges have offered scholarships to graduates of 1915.

At the gathered contestants and their friends to select representatives to the annual triangular and Bi-County literary meets.

First place in Oratory was Guy Sanderson whose subject was "Simon says Thumbs Up." Thelma Smith captured first place with her essay "True Civilization" and in declamation George Brokaw won first place with his rending of "The Lance of Kanana." In the girls class Dorothy Bainter won with her recitation of "The Little Rebel."

LOCAL AND AREA NEWS: The contract for a new parsonage building for the U.P. congregation was awarded. The house will be a handsome two-story, 8 room structure, strictly modern built on the lots owned by the congregation directly across the street from the church. Dr. M. and M. Rice, graduate optician and graduate painless dentist, will be at the Hughes Hotel beginning April 28th. Considerable stock has been shipped to Chicago from the local stockyards: Simonson and Strand-4 cars of hogs; D.Strand-2 cars of cattle and 2 cars of hogs, and I.H.Brokaw, 1 car of cattle.

Maxine Mains, the twelve year old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J.F.Mains, underwent an operation for appendicitis at the home of her parents last Friday. Dr's C.A.Finley of Galesburg and E.E.Bond of Stronghurst conducted it. The patient passed through the ordeal nicely and is now rapidly recovering. (Anyone volunteer for a similar procedure today?)

In Media Lewis Cavins is the proud possessor of a new Haynes six cylinder car. Clarence Campbell left for Colorado Springs for his health; he was accompanied by brothers Joe and Lou. Mr. Norm Grossman was elected school director.