The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.

The 1915 Graphic

Compiled and Edited by Virginia Ross
Registrar for Daniel McMillan Chapter, N.S.D.A.R.1915

Stronghurst Graphic, April 15, 1915

M.E.CHURCH NOTES: The records show a total attendance at the Sabbath School of 175. The proceeds of the bakery sale of Mrs. Hanes S.S.Class amounted to $12.54. A representative of the Anti-Saloon League will speak at the church on April 25th.

LAKE FORT CLUB NOTICE: The fishing season will open May 1st. The number, or limit, of the catch shall be 20. Croppies must be 8 inches and bass 11 inches in length. Any member or member's guests who shall be guilty of sinking boats, destroying property or interfering in any way with the comfort of others shall pay the proper penalty or forfeit their membership.

An assessment of $2.00 is levied on each membership and should be paid to the secretary. The charter is now open for new members. M.E.Beardsley, Pres. And Perry Cooper, Sec'y. B.L. Mudd, C.E.Fort, N.B.Curry, and A.E.Lauver-Executive Committee

1890 Graphic: Col. J.B.Patterson of Oquawka died April 15th. At the township election the proposition to establish a high school at Stronghurst carried by a good majority. Jos. Dixson and Ed Fort returned from Kentucky with 4 fine young racing mare, a saddle horse and the finely bred stallion "Washington Wilkes."

LOCAL AND AREA NEWS: Chas. Lukens is a victim of "LaGrippe" for several days. The Belmont school house in the north end of the county was destroyed by fire Monday morning. The fire broke out before school had taken up for the day and the origin is unknown. It was a two-room structure and was insured for $1600. Miss Maria Dice of Stronghurst is one of the teachers there. Fred and Oscar Hamburg have rented the Kate Peasley farm west of town and with their mother will move out there as soon as convenient. Fred Brewer has rented their home in the northeast part of town.

In Carman the home of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Tibbits, southwest of town was destroyed by fire. The Jim Pendry, Sr. family are moving to Olena. In Media Mr. Joseph Mathers has purchased an auto. Dr. J.F.Meloan of the same town is remodeling his house.