The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.

The 1915 Graphic

Compiled and Edited by Virginia Ross
Registrar for Daniel McMillan Chapter, N.S.D.A.R.1915

Stronghurst Graphic, Aug. 5, 1915

WED IN COLORADO: It will be somewhat of a surprise to learn that Miss Maude Steffey was married at Lamar, Colorado to Harry E. Winters of Maysville, Mo. at the Methodist parsonage, Rev. C. H. Inman officiating. The ceremony was witnessed by Mrs. E. G. Smith of Lamar, sister of the groom and Mrs. Hugh Smith, aunt of the bride. After visiting with relatives there for a few days, the new couple will leave for Colorado Springs, Denver, and San Francisco.

The bride is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Steffey and has spent the greater part of her life in Stronghurst, coming here with her parents from Hancock County, which was also the former home of the groom. The groom is a highly esteemed citizen of DeKalb County, Mo., where he has been engaged in farming near Maysville. It is said that the couple expect to spend the coming winter in California and that the location of their permanent future home has not been decided.

DIES IN CALIFORNIA: Frank Houlton, formerly a well known and highly successful farmer of Ellison Township in Warren County but of late years a resident of California, died at his home in San Diego, Calif. He is survived by a wife and three children, three brothers-Fred and Joseph Houlton of Kirkwood and Ed Houlton of Yankton, S. D. which is also the home of his sister, Mrs. Frances Pearson. The remains will be brought to Kirkwood for burial.

LOCAL AND AREA NEWS: I hereby challenge any wrestler in the world of my weight (122 lbs.) To a match for any sum of money they care to name. Angelo Polas, Decorra, Ill. (Must be more to this than what is stated.) 800 lbs. of pepper consigned by the Woolson Spice Co. of Toledo to a Galesburg wholesale grocery house was dumped into a lake at the dumping grounds there by the authority of the U.S.Deputy Marshall, who confiscated the pepper under the pure food act. Miss Bessie Allison gave an afternoon party to about 15 young laddies at the home of her aunt, Mrs. L.E. Pogue in honor of

Miss Mary Montieth, a visitor in the Allison home. The Dallas City Enterprise says that S.W.Carothers who has been in charge of the electric light plant there, has been transferred to Fort Madison, which means a promotion. He and his family will move there shortly. Emerald Hurd was fined $10 and costs in Justice Morgan's court for intoxication and disorderly conduct upon the streets the previous evening. Mrs.

W.D.Gearhart of Raritan, a daughter of Mr. And Mrs. A.C.Allison, was severely burned about the lower part of the body when she overturned a pan of boiling water she was removing from the stove.

INDIANS COME TO TOWN: A band of nomads calling themselves "Oklahoma Indians" paid the village a short visit Monday afternoon. The male members of the outfit put in their time loafing while the women made a tour of the business houses in search of people who might be possessed of a desire to have the veil covering the future of their lives lifted. They seemed to meet with little success in that direction, however, and soon took their departure. It was perhaps too soon after the picnic (I.O.O.F. featuring a carnival) to find business very good in the fortune telling line.

WATER WORKS: The steel water tank for the village water supply system was completed and now all that remains to be done is the connecting up of the supply pipe at the base of the riser pipe of the tower. In a short time the system will be ready for a test.

GLADSTONE GLEANINGS: Mr. Clyde Gray sold a car load of hogs to Frank Meyers in Oquawka. Mrs. Henry Green won the prize in the Soots contest by writing "A. L.Stoots Booster Store" on a postal card 1200 times. Hers being the plainest and the best of the numerous cards written. The prize was a set of dishes.

The baby contest is on at the A. L. Stoots Booster store. The baby getting the most votes gets a gold ring and the mother a set of dishes. (Sounds as if Mr. Stoots was an enterprising merchant who knew how to increase his trade.)

The Eastern Theatre Co. was here Wednesday evening and gave a musical comedy entitled " The Girl From Dublin" in a large tent. The crowd was large considering the rainy weather. Miss Margaret Porter is taking six weeks summer course at the Cedar Falls Normal school.