The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.

The 1914 Graphic

Compiled and Edited by Virginia Ross
Registrar for Daniel McMillan Chapter, N.S.D.A.R.1914

Stronghurst Graphic, December 31, 1914

SPECIAL GOSPEL MEETINGS: A series of gospel meetings will be held at the United Presbyterian Church in Media Jan.3-10th with pastor Wm. M. Story conducting the Saturday and Sabbath service. Rev. W.J.Buchanan, Synodical Supt. Of Missions will preach weekdays with the following topics being covered: "The Ark of Safety," "An Important Question," "How We Know," "What We Know," "How We Are to Show It," "My Profession," "A Thing to Learn," "Come for all Things are Ready," "What Mean Ye by this Service," "Holy Communion," and "Put on the Whole Armor of God."

The Monmouth College gospel team began their work with a service in the M.E.Church. Meetings will be held there during the remainder of the week beginning at 7:30 p.m.

TO AID WAR SUFFERERS: An appeal to the farmers of Illinois to give wheat, corn and oats for the relief of the starving Belgians has been made through the grain elevator firms doing business in the different towns of the state.

Circulars have been sent out announcing that arrangements have been made with the railroads to carry all grain free of cost and the Rockefeller Foundation will transport it over the ocean. It is estimated that five dollars worth of grain will save a human life.

Mr. Wm Daugherty, the local representative of W.H.Perrine & Co. grain firm, has taken up the matter here and after consulting with a number of farmers and business men has asked that a mass meeting of all interested in this work of charity be held next Saturday afternoon at 2 p.m. in the rooms of the Stronghurst Club.

LOCAL AND AREA NEWS: M.E.Beardsley is confined to the house by an attack of lagrippe. Chester Trimmer, a student at Northwestern, is home for the holidays. A large force of men have been filling the Fort ice house by the lake. The ice is 12 inches thick and of fine quality. Mrs. Robert Hodson of Oquawka passed away at her home last Sabbath evening after an extended illness. She was a native of Oquawka, her father, S.S.Phelps, being one of the first citizens of the town. Mr. Ed Links was stricken with an attack of appendicitis and was taken to the Galesburg hospital for an operation. Mr. and Mrs. T.D.Steffey are the proud parents of a 10 lb. son.

One of the largest wolves ever seen in this section of the country was found by Ira Kimmet Christmas morning caught in a trap which he had set near the A.V.Brokaw residence two miles south of town. The pelt of the animal with the county bounty will probably net Ira a neat little sum of money. It is reported that there are more of these animals which make their habitat in the timber along the Honey Creek bottom. Genuine winter weather has reigned in this neck of the woods with temperatures recorded by various local instruments from 12 to 24 degrees below zero. It has been some time since the Burlington people have had an attack of "wagon bridge fever, " but they are just now passing through a pretty severe spasm of that disease.

Merchants realized that their trade went down drastically in the winter with few venturing across the ice to trade in their stores.)

Media News: Dr. and Mrs. Story received as a Xmas gift from the congregation a beautiful Bob-Cat rug. Claude Hall has the misfortune to fall from a sled in such a way as to break his nose. Wm. Spears, a student at Brown's Business College, is home for the holidays. Mr. Palmer west of town lost three good horses this past week. Mavis, youngest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Bert Gibson, has been having serious trouble with her lungs, caused by swallowing an eyelet which she had drawn down into her lung.