The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.

The 1915 Graphic

Compiled and Edited by Virginia Ross
Registrar for Daniel McMillan Chapter, N.S.D.A.R.1915

Stronghurst Graphic, Jan. 21,1915

GRAPHIC 1890: The Chicago, Santa Fe and California Railway consolidated and moved the head office to Topeka, Kansas. Sheriff Allen, Deputy Herbertz and Mr. Stripe of Oquawka collected $733.12 in tax money. ( This used to be a job of the sheriff to collect the property tax.) A strike of potters clay was reported on the Henry Smith place ¸ mile north of town.

Elmer Freed, a young Gladstone man, drowned while in company with a reckless and more or less drunken crowd of young men who had gone in search of a dance reported to be held on a flat boat on the river near Burlington on the night of Jan.18th. The organization of a Business Men's Association and improvement club was being agitated. (Is this the forerunner of the Booster Club?)

BRIDAL SHOWER 1915 STYLE: A prenuptial shower and announcement was given at the home of Dr. F.M. Henderson and wife Friday evening by the Misses Marie Davidson and Madge Henderson for their friend Miss Lorene Hollingsworth.

About 20 of her lady friends were present and the evening was spent in games and other amusements. The guests were treated to a couple of vocal selections beautifully rendered by Miss Sarah McElhinney. The color scheme, which was pink and white, was carried out in the decorations consisting of carnations, candles, etc. and also in the dainty refreshments served. The gifts and announcement cards were given in a rather unique manner.

A string was given to each guest to wind at the end of which was a card announcing the marriage of Miss Lorene to Chesley Towler while the string Miss Lorene took led her to a basket containing many useful and beautiful gifts from the friends present.

After a pleasant evening, the guests departed with good wishes to the bride-soon-to-be and kind words to the hostess.

BROKE HIS LEG: Samuel Claybaugh who recently moved on the C.H. Curry farm near Olena, had his right leg broken between the knee and ankle. He was standing in the back-end of a sled which was being used on the farm and the team being suddenly started by Marshall Rezneer who was driving. Sam was thrown out and fell in such a manner as to sustain a broken leg. Medical aid was summoned and the fracture reduced and the patient is getting along nicely.

BRUTALLY MURDERED: William P. Aiken, an aged man employed as fireman in the Union Hotel at Galesburg and a brother of Prof. J. M. Aiken of Oquawka, was brutally murdered last Friday morning as he lay sleeping on a cot in the hotel basement. His head was almost beaten into a pulp. Harrison Markwell, an employee in the hotel, has confessed to the crime stating that the awful deed was performed by using a hatchet. Markwell is a liquor and dope fiend and a degenerate.

MAIL ORDER BRIDE: Mr. George Furnald was married Wednesday evening to a lady of Omaha, Neb. at the home of Mr. A. J. Ditto by Squire Rhoades. It was quite a romantic wedding as they saw each other for the first time the same day they were married. It all came about by correspondence. Their many friends met at their home Friday evening and gave them a pleasant shower. All join in wishing the newly wedded couple a long happy life together.

LOCAL AND AREA NEWS: Will Gibson, who has been living on the David Dobbin farms, is moving to Olena where he will be located in the property of his sister Miss Mary. The ladies of the Olena vicinity enjoyed an old fashioned quilting bee at the home of Mrs. Jessie Hicks north of the village. A track meet and social will be held at the U. P. Church on the evening of Feb. 6th.

Mr. F. J. Walling, president of the Star Foundry Co. of Lomax was in Stronghurst exhibiting a sample of an Angle Union for water and steam pipes which has just been patented and which the foundry expects to manufacture in connection with other specialties. The gentleman stated that they expect to be able to furnish employment for at least 100 men after the factory gets into operation. (What good news this must have been! Good paying job close by!)

C. C. Butler was taken with an attack of appendicitis and went to the Galesburg hospital where an operation was performed. Latest reports from his bedside are that he is recovering nicely. (Another victim of appendicitis-early 1900 papers list one after another to succumb to this malady. One wonders if it was a fad operation and anyone with the stomach ache was so diagnosed.)