The 1912 Graphic

Compiled and Edited by Virginia Ross
Registrar for Daniel McMillan Chapter, N.S.D.A.R.

Stronghurst Graphic, Dec. 5, 1912

Dec. 5, 1912 IT WENT UP IN FLAMES: A large $1700 touring car belonging to Roy W. Park, just purchased last May, was burned up as the result of an unusual accident which occurred while Roy was using the machine in looking after some work on his farm near Media. On a private road running through the farm, the machine had stopped and the engine killed while Roy looked after some matters needing his attention. When ready to start again, he cranked the engine, and it is supposed that some oil in the dust pan underneath the car was ignited by backfiring. Roy was in the driver's seat and had just bent forward to manipulate some part of the starting mechanism when flames shot out from under the hood of the machine. The burst of flames was so sudden that Roy barely had time to make his escape and as it was, his clothing was ignited and a large hole burned in the shoulder of his coat. In a very short time, the gasoline tank exploded and the flames shot 40 or 50 feet into the air. No one was at hand to give help except a couple of men who were shucking corn nearby, and they were powerless to stay the spread of the flames. Burning rapidly, the machine was rapidly reduced to a heap of junk while all watched. Roy regrets the loss but feels himself lucky to escape injury.

LOCAL AND AREA NEWS: Juliette Wheeling is suffering from an attack of ptomaine poisoning. Mrs. J.W. Hicks left her day's washing hanging on the line overnight and the next morning found that some sneak thief had appropriated several articles of men's clothing, evidently in anticipation of the coming change in the national administration. (Times would be hard when the new party took office.) Ralph McGaw has employment in a railroad office in East Moline. Mrs. Myra Fort and her sister, Miss Jennie, have rented rooms in Galesburg for the winter. Lorenzo Foote is employed as a mail clerk in Chicago. John H. Voorhees, who accompanied a load of stock to Chicago, is mingling with the sightseers at the Livestock Show. Wm. Stratton and bride of St. Louis, Mo., spent a few days visiting at the C.R.A. Marshall home northwest of town. Mr. Stratton is a brother of Mrs. Marshall and is employed in the Quartermaster's department of the U.S. Army at St. Louis. Their visit was part of their honeymoon trip. (Have you considered Henderson County as a honeymoon destination? I'm sure the Western Illinois Tourism Council could offer site suggestions and supply you with a list of motels and bed and breakfasts.)

In Lomax, work has begun on Drs. Emerson & Medley's new drug store. Mr. Booking is the new agent at the Santa Fe and Frank Carisle at the C.B. & Q.