The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.

The 1914 Graphic

Compiled and Edited by Virginia Ross
Registrar for Daniel McMillan Chapter, N.S.D.A.R.1913

Stronghurst Graphic, October 8, 1914

THIRD ANNUAL HORSE SHOW: Notwithstanding the fact that the prospect for a successful horse show this year was not very encouraging up to within a few weeks of the date set, the annual Henderson County event, which was held in Stronghurst, proved to be the best in many respects. There were more entries in the various classes of draft and road horses than ever before, there was a larger crowd, and the weather conditions were almost perfect. The whole section of Broadway adjoining the public park on the west was fenced off as a show ring, thus affording splendid facilities for exhibitors to show their horses to the best advantage and at the same time make it possible for the large crowd of spectators to view the exhibition.

While in some cases the animals did not have the finished appearance which they might have had if feed had been more plentiful during the preceding months, as a rule they presented a fine show of magnificent horse flesh, especially in the registered draft horse classes. The single driver class was the largest ever shown and included 16 entries.

The judging of the exhibits began early in the forenoon and lasted until 6 o'clock in the evening with the exception of the hour taken for dinner. The show ring presented a continuous display of equine grace, symmetry and beauty. A grand parade of all entries through the village streets at 1 p.m. was headed by the Stronghurst Military band with two magnificent four horse draft teams in the lead. A fact which has been spoken of before was again emphasized in this year's exhibition and that was that most people can get genuine pleasure out of an exhibition without resorting to clap trap amusement enterprises, side shows or vaudeville performance of an auxiliary nature. (Perhaps, this was a swipe at the I.O.O.F. picnic which had recently been concluded and which featured most of the above.) The management of the Horse Show Association takes just pride in the fact that they give an exhibition free from any demoralizing influences, one which is educational as well as enjoyable and which leaves only pleasant recollections in the minds of those who attend.

The social feature of the affair is also very important and the opportunity for meeting with friends from a distance is one which is apparently appreciated by many. Stronghurst entertained a large crowd of people of the best class which the surrounding country affordsÑpeople of intelligence, well dressed, orderly, in fact such as assemblage as any town honors itself in playing host to. (Is this snobbishness or not?)

(Check out this issue on microfilm for a long list of winners.)

A corn show was held in conjunction with the horse show and many were surprised at the quality of the display in light of the recent drought. (List of winners in this issue.)

WEVER ACADEMY LECTURE: The first of the Wever Academy lecture course will feature J.C. Sanders, warden of the Fort Madison penitentiary. Warden Sanders is one of the best known men in the country connected with reformatory institutions and has a wide reputation as a public speaker.

VILLAGE BOND ISSUE: Next Saturday the voters of Stronghurst will decide the question as to whether they take a forward step in their municipal affairs and place themselves in the ranks of up-to-date progressive villages of like size by making it possible to have a public water supply system. The board, in fixing the rate at six per cent, was not unaware of the probability of some objection being raised, but they were also aware of the fact that it would probably be impossible to sell a five per cent bond at par under present financial conditions and they believed it would be better to offer a bond which would probably sell at a premium than one which would sell below par if it could be sold at all. (Long article discussing this issue)

***OBITUARY***ISAAC M. SMITH-Isaac McLain Smith was born in Sangamon County near Springield, Ill. on Nov.27, 1832 and died in Stronghurst on Sept. 29, 1914, aged 81 years, 10 months and 2 days. Early in life he moved to McDonough County near Plymouth where his early manhood was spent. He united in marriage to Eliza Jane Pendarvis and to this union seven children were born, three of whom died in infancy. Four are still living: Idelia C. Eitel of Kirksville, Mo.; J. Relmond Smith of Mendocino, Calif.; Samuel E. Smith of Macomb, Ill.; and Ella A Huston of Smithshire, Ill. The mother of these children died Aug.4, 1910.

On Nov 2, 1912 Mr. Smith married again to Mrs. Hattie Clark who survives him. He is also survived by a brother Wilbern Smith of Carthage, Ill., and one sister, Rebekah Pugh of Bardolph, Ill.

The deceased was a Civil War veteran, having served for 3 years in Co. B, 91st Illinois Infantry and serving as corporal of his company. Mr. Smith was a stone mason by trade and followed that occupation until advancing age made it necessary for him to give up active labor. He had been a resident of Stronghurst for about three years moving here from Raritan. He professed religion at the age of 13 and joined the Methodist church remaining a faithful and consistent member throughout his whole life. Funeral services were conducted at the South Prairie church and interment was made in the Ellison Cemetery.

LOCAL AND AREA SCHOOLS: Forty-five car loads of horses passed through here on their way to Europe to be used in the cavalry services. (War is becoming bloody in Europe.) Prof. R. Hilscher of the state water survey department is in the village investigating the condition which exists here relative to securing a supply of good water for public use. Peter Sullivan, a former resident of this county and now living near Fremont, Neb., where he has extensive farming interests, is visiting at the Hez Butler home. Mr. Sullivan is on his way back home after visiting in Somerset County, New Jersey.

CARMAN CONCERNS: Mrs. Ed Dowell and family are departing for their new home in Iowa. F.F.Rehling who is a candidate for county treasurer must of had a birthday last week as we understand he chipped 40 pennies in the birthday collection at Sabbath school. Vote for Charlie Gerber for Sheriff as he is a good man in every respect. (Local politicking for favorite candidate.) Bert Johnson, the efficient and genial clerk for the A.C.Babcook store, has resigned to fill a similar position in Iowa. He had been with Mr. Babcook for 12 or 14 years; Mr. Ed Steiner is the new clerk. Miss Mona Dixon is the proud possessor of a new piano. Fred Clover left to visit relatives at Chanute, Kansas; his substitute mail carrier will be Mr. Jas. Johnson.

A most delightful surprise in the form of a birthday party was given on Mrs. Fritz Dannenburg at her beautiful country home by the Royal Neighbors Lodge of which she is a member. The guests came with heavily laden baskets and a most bountiful dinner was served. Games and music were the feature of the day. Prizes were awarded and the winners were Mrs. John Seigworth, Mrs. Dannenburg, Mrs. Chas. Kirby, Mrs. Geo. Marsden, Mr. John Parry and Miss Fan Babcook. Before their departure Mrs. Dannenburg was presented with a gold pin.

BIG AUTO RACE: Realizing most fully the increasing interest in the really big automobile races and aware of the fact that the Galesburg Track is one of the best and fastest in the country, the Galesburg District Fair Association will stage a 100 Mile Free-for-all Sweepstakes Automobile Race on Oct.14th. This will be a real race for real money contested by real racing drivers conducted under the sanction of the American Automobile Association. Every precaution will be taken to insure safety to both contestant and spectators. Safety zones thirty feet wide have been fenced off on both the outside and side of the track and no one will be permitted inside them. Both turns and the home stretch in front of the Grand Stand will be protected with a two rail fence constructed of railroad iron. Twenty tons of calcium chloride will be put on the track to keep the dust laid...(more details as well as drivers' names are given)