The 1912 Graphic

Compiled and Edited by Virginia Ross
Registrar for Daniel McMillan Chapter, N.S.D.A.R.

Stronghurst Graphic, Dec. 12, 1912

DOWN GOES MEAT Melvin & Logan Meat Market, Stronghurst Sausage-18¢, Pork chops-18¢, Round steak-20¢, Sirloin steak-20¢, Porter house-20¢, Shoulder steak-15¢, Chuck steak-15¢, Hamburger-15¢, Beef boil-12 1/2¢ and 15¢, Beef roast-15¢.

LOCAL AND AREA NEWS: Wm. Powell came in from Oakland, Ia., and is arranging to move back to Illinois with his family next spring; they will locate on the old Powell farm west of Stronghurst. Julius Danielson expects to leave for a visit of 3 months or more with his mother in the old home in Sweden. He will leave New York by steamer. The front of the new Beardsley building was put in this week. It is a handsome affair of plate glass trimmed with copper and the very latest style in store fronts.

The Hon. J.Y. Whiteman of Biggsville, Dr. B.L. Ditto of Gladstone, Don Prentiss of New Boston, Alex Moir of Burlington, and possibly others leave for Washington, D.C., in the interest of the drainage districts near Oquawka. A hearing has been granted them by the river and harbors committee in the matter of extending aid by the government to the levees as far north as Rock Island.

On Nov. 27 at Sioux City, Ia., Paul Lant married Miss Mae Beddenstadt, both formerly of Stronghurst Township. They will be at home in Omaha, Neb. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Morgan of Kansas City spent a few days with the lady's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Com. Evans. The McCannon home in the Olena vicinity was on fire, but a sufficient number of men reached the place to help extinguish the flames. As the fire caught from the stove pipe upstairs, everything up there was a total loss. Mr McCannon, however, carried an insurance on his household goods and the matter has already been adjusted. In Lomax, building in the New City is going right along. The new opera house is going up fast.

Dec. 19, 1912 Mr. and Mrs. Wm. D. Gearhart of Raritan country are the proud parents of a 9 pound boy born on Dec. 13th. Ira Woods, who has been working on a farm near Wilcox, Sask. since last March, says that the big crop in the north has been lowering prices this fall. Flax is selling around $1, wheat 72¢, and oats 22¢. Roy Park has received $1300 insurance on his auto which was destroyed by fire. (See story above.) The Misses Mary Monteith and LaVerna Dixson returned from their studies at Western College, Oxford, Ohio, for the Christmas vacation. Oliver Wolford who has been living on the Catherine Peasley farm, has decided to quit farming and will have a public sale of stock and implements. The handsome new club house of the Carthage Lake Club was opened with a house warming in which about 90 people participated. A grand feast, music by Fishers' orchestra, and speeches by a number of prominent Burlingtonians were features of the affair.

In the boys' corn contest at the Farmers' Institute held at Raritan, Spencer Corzatt of Raritan captured the firs prize of $10; Joe Ross of Terre Haute township took the second prize of $5; and Eric Dillon of Stronghurst won the $2.50 third prize. Dale Stine, Fred Gibb, Harvey Cavins, Cornelius Corzatt, and Halbert Burlingame also were awarded prizes of $1 each.

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