The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.

The 1914 Graphic

Compiled and Edited by Virginia Ross
Registrar for Daniel McMillan Chapter, N.S.D.A.R.1914

Stronghurst Graphic, November 19, 1914

ANOTHER WAY TO GET A CAR: A junk dealer from the Middle West had heard that Ford, the auto manufacturer used tin cans in the construction of his car. He gathered up several hundred tomato, sauerkraut and oyster cans and sent them to the Ford factory along with a request that they be made into an auto. A week later he received a Ford by freight and a check for $9.80 by mail. He had sent in too many cans.

NEW BRIDGES: The new reinforced concrete bridge on the road one mile west of Olena which was completed Oct.25 is being graded this week. This bridge which is the first in the county with a twenty foot roadway is quite noticeable from the height of the finished roadway which is some five feet above the floor of the old bridge, giving an opportunity to reduce the grade of the Carlson Hill (Paul Schroeder's hill today) by using the cut from the hill for making the necessary fill. This road which has been closed to the public since Aug.12th will be ready for traffic Nov.20.

The bridge in Raritan washed out Sept14th and has been replaced with a reinforced concrete structure with a twenty-foot roadway and the Farder Bridge on the county line between Terre Haute and LaHarpe townships same construction with a sixteen foot roadway. The contract price of the three bridges is $4385.00 and they were erected by Fowler and Wilson of LaHarpe. There has also been a concrete bridge recently completed in Biggsville township at a cost of $960.

UNION THANKSGIVING SERVICE: The four churches of the village will unite in a union Thanksgiving day service which will be held in the M.E.Church Thursday morning Nov.26 beginning at 10 o'clock. The sermon will be preached by Rev. W.P.Anderson of the Swedish Lutheran Church.

THANKSGIVING DINNER: Arrangements have been made to accommodate everyone at the dinner to be given by the cemetery aid association on Thanksgiving Day at the I.O.O.F. hall. To relieve any crowding while gathering for the dinner, the Masonic lodge has kindly consented to throw open their rooms for the convenience of those attending. It is the intention to have numbered tickets on sale there, the diners going from there to the dining room in the same order as the tickets are sold. The price of the dinner will be the same as last year, 35 cents. Dinner will be served promptly at 12 o'clock.

A QUARTER OF A CENTURY AGO-Graphic of Oct.24, 1889: Messrs Irish and Simpson had begun building their harness and buggy store. Harry Putney and Miss Flora McAntire were married Nov. 21. Pending the arrival of their furnace and pews the M.E.congregation were tendered the use of the U.P. church for their Sunday services. L.C.Bowen of Green Bush reported a 20 acre field of corn which averaged 90 bushels to the acre. H.G.King has purchased the old stand of W.E.Hall. A citizen of Hoppers Mills was protesting because the precinct of Warren had been discontinued as a voting district.

LOCAL AND AREA NEWS: Some of the farmers in the vicinity of Roseville and Swan Creek have been hit pretty heavily by the hoof and mouth disease. A federal inspector visited that region and ordered the slaughter of 6 cows and 85 hogs on the Will Karns place, 4 cows and 150 hogs on the J. Bloomer place, 11 cows and 54 hogs on the Carol Pierce place and 54 cattle and 64 hogs on the Tim Kane place. We have not heard of any cases of the disease in Henderson County as yet. The Henderson County Medical Society met here and elected the following officers: W.J.Emerson, Pres.; B.L.Ditto, Vice Pres.; I.F.Harter, Sec-Treas.; E.E.Bond, Sponsor.

Since the re-opening of the Chicago stockyards last Sunday there has been a considerable amount of stock shipped in from this point. Lanphere & Stine sent one car of hogs on Monday and two on Tuesday; F.P.Nelson and Geo. Craft each shipped a car of hogs on Monday, and Sam Finch one on Tuesday. The cattle shipments were two cars by R.N. Marshall and one by Jacob Neff on Tuesday.

Chet Brown and Rolla Shaw, who have been in Canada during the past season, have returned to spend the winter in Illinois. A party and utility shower was given Tuesday evening in honor of Mr. and Mrs. Earl Dye by the young people's Sunday school class of the M.E.Church at the home of Miss Ella McKeown west of Olena. Charles Cann who resides one mile west of Raritan, had the misfortune to fall from a tank wagon and break his right leg near the ankle. Col. J.O. Anderson went to Macomb to be present at the big home coming which was held in that city in honor of Senator L.Y.Sherman. A.T.Philhower, wife and daughter, who left the Raritan country about 8 years ago from Wellington, Kan., have returned to Illinois and will occupy a farm 3 1/2 miles north of Raritan during the coming year. First taste of winter appeared with the mercury this morning registering only a few degrees above zero mark with a biting wind blowing from the north and the ground solidly frozen.

John Bullock of LaPlata, Mo., was instantly killed in an auto accident near LaHarpe. His wife had her shoulder blade broken and Andrew Bullock was seriously cut about the head. The accident was occasioned by the auto turning turtle when a front tire blew up. The Macomb Journal says that Irvin M. Moore is in the toils of the law in McDonough County for the alleged offense of obtaining money under false pretense and selling medicine not under its true name. He is said to have swindled a lot of farmers in the vicinity o Good Hope out of $1000 or more by selling them crude oil at $2.50 per gallon, representing it to be a new kind of "serum" which when applied to the back of a hog and allowed to soak in would finally penetrate to the animal's lungs and render it forever immune from cholera.

In Carman vicinity Mr. M. Clover and his daughter Mrs. Geo. Gillis and family have moved to Mr. Clover's farm south of the village, Mr. Jones having moved on the bluff. Revival meetings are still in progress at the church and good crowds come out each night.

Miss Virginia Thiele of Chicago was in the village last week representing the Orphan's home in Chicago and trying to find homes for children. Mr. Charlie Bowylou of Lomax while unloading potatoes at a car near the depot had his hand terribly torn to such an extent that Dr. Emerson of Lomax was called and had to take four stitches in it. Much sympathy is felt for Charlie as it has not been so long ago that he was in the Burlington hospital suffering from blood poison in the same hand that was recently hurt. Miss Fern Dowell spent a few days with Miss Monna Dixson.

In Gladstone Elmer Pence who bought the J.C.Tolman store building is having it fixed up with a new metal ceiling and repaired up in general, ready for Mr. Stotts of Kirkwood to start a general store by the 1st of December. Mrs. Asberry has bought the property of Mr. Wheatly and has moved into it. Mr. Wheatly has moved onto a farm north of Burlington.

Around Olena ten men and their teams are employed in grading the new bridge that was recently put in west of the village. Mr. Charles Lant badly lacerated his hand in drawing a pump from an old well; it required 10 stitched. Albert Hult, Ernest McKeown, Virgil Galbraith and Elmer Carlson are shucking corn in different localities of Iowa and report bumper crops. Hog cholera is quite prevalent in this locality but so far have not heard of any cases of the dreaded hoof and mouth disease.