The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.

The 1914 Graphic

Compiled and Edited by Virginia Ross
Registrar for Daniel McMillan Chapter, N.S.D.A.R.1914

Stronghurst Graphic, November 12, 1914

DESTROYED BY FIRE: The C.C.Collins residence at the end of Nichols Street in the east part of the village was totally destroyed by fire which is supposed to have originated from sparks from the chimney dropping upon the dry shingles of the roof. Mrs. Collins and her mother, Mrs. Hawkins, were the only persons at home and were eating dinner when they heard the roaring of the flames above them.

About the same time Mack Wheeler on his way home to dinner discovered the blaze and turned in an alarm from the Lazear residence. The fire had gained such headway, however, that by the time the firemen arrived with the fire apparatus the structure was doomed. No water was available in the immediate vicinity and the engine was taken to the John Shick place where a well with considerable water was found.

Before a hose could be coupled and laid, the house was practically burned down. People arriving at the scene had busied themselves in removing the household goods and the greater part of those were saved. The family lost considerable clothing, some silverware and the greater part of their canned fruit. The house was insured but not the contents and Mr. Collins estimates his loss to be $400 above insurance. This is a severe blow to the family and emphasizes the great need in the village of a dependable water supply system.

TOOK HIS OWN LIFE: Wes Riggins, a former LaHarpe man who lived in Peoria for 16 years and was engaged in the carpentering and contracting business, committed suicide by shooting himself in the forehead with a 32 calibre rifle last Sunday morning. Worry over his business affairs is supposed to have led to the act. The deceased was about 47 years of age and leaves a wife and two sons. The former is a daughter of Mrs. Henry Reynolds of this place.

VILLAGE BOARD PROCEEDINGS: The Stronghurst village board met in the town hall with President Curry and trustees Brokaw, Davis, Dixson, Hicks and Kershaw as well as clerk Lazear present. Bill were paid (See long list on film. Example: W.L.Spiker, marshal-$42.65 and M.F.T.Schierbaum for Oct. lights and renewals-$67.) Objection was raised about paying for temporary marshals on Halloween night but in the end the vote was to do so.

The board voted to purchased from Mrs. S.Y.Evans lots 11, 12 and 1/2 of 10 in block 7 for $500. Bids for a water works would be issued and a board of local improvement was organized. W.S.Shields Co. of Chicago was employed as engineers for the proposed waterworks system and permission to construct and maintain for 25 years was given to Standard Oil for a warehouse, tanks and other necessary buildings to be located on the Santa Fe right of way between Commercial street and the stockyards.

FUNDRAISER FOR CEMETERY: The Stronghurst Cemetery Aid Association will hold its third Thanksgiving dinner at the I.O.O.F. Hall with proceeds used for improving the condition and conveniences for the public in the beautiful cemetery. New concrete walks and other needed improvements are in the minds of the committee.

FROM 1889 GRAPHIC: Scales were being placed in the stockyards for the convenience of shippers. W.C.Tubbs and Chas. Kaiser were in town making preparations for opening the new bank. A. Mains sold his livery barn to Orr McQuown for $2000. Jos. Dixson, Wm. Wilsher, and Wyatt Stanley agreed to contribute the means for purchasing a new furnace for the Stronghurst M.E.Church to cost about $250.(This short section is extremely valuable as a glimpse into the development of the town as the paper for 1889 did not survive to be microfilmed.)