The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.

The 1914 Graphic

Compiled and Edited by Virginia Ross
Registrar for Daniel McMillan Chapter, N.S.D.A.R.1914

Stronghurst Graphic, December 24, 1914

A THEATRICAL SUCCESS: An audience which taxed the seating capacity of the opera house witnessed the presentation of the play, "The $10,000 Receipt," given by a home talent company last Saturday evening. The plot was one which could be easily followed and at the same time keep the interest of the audience at the proper tension. It afforded full opportunity for the display of the dramatic talent of the performers in portraying the various emotions and passions which are supposed to influence the actions of heroes, heroines, villains and ordinary people; and this opportunity was made use of by the various performers in a very creditable manner.

A.S.McElhinney as the rich mill owner and arch conspirator in the plot to get rid of the heroine whose stood between him and his brother's fortune, played the part well and was ably assisted by Del Dixson who play the part of his graceless son. Hollis Links, Clarence Hartquist, and Grace Marshall as friends of the heroine won the approval of the audience by the manner in which they helped to thwart the plans of the conspirators.

The acting of Eugene Baxter as the former tool of the mill owners in his designs against his niece and who afterwards repented and assisted to bring the villain to justice, was one of the special features of the performance. Mary Hicks played the part of the old nurse very effectively and the heroine was portrayed by Miss Lucile White; her impersonation of the character was very clever, holding the sympathy of the audience through all of her trying experiences up to the final moment when justice prevailed.

Receipts of the evening were about $100, which will go to the cemetery aid association. (Association was raising money for the entry walls and gate.)

WEDDING BELLS: The J.E.Painter home near Terre Haute was the scene of a happy event Dec.16 when Mr. and Mrs. Painter's eldest daughter, Blanche, was united in marriage to Mr. Vernon Lovitt, son of Mr. and Mrs. Marion Lovitt of Terre Haute. The ceremony was performed by Rev. G.H.Smith, pastor of the M.E.Church of Terre Haute in the presence of a number of the immediate relatives and friends of the contracting parties. Following congratulations to the bride and groom a delicious wedding repast was served. The happy couple will occupy the Lovitt farm one and one-half miles south of Terre Haute.

OBITUARIES***HAZEL BERG***Miss Hazel Berg, the eldest daughter of Mrs. Carrie Berg, died at her home Dec.21st from pleura-pneumonia. Her illness was of about 10 days duration. The news of her death came as a shock to the communitys but comparatively few knew of the serious nature of her illness. Her demise in the very bloom of young womanhood has produced a saddening effect upon all.

Hazel was born in Kansas on June2, 1896. When she was only two years old her parents moved to Burlington, Ia., where the family resided for 11 years. About 6 years ago they came to Stronghurst which has since been the family home. C.A.Berg, the father of the deceased, died about 2 years ago and since that time Hazel has been a great help to her mother in bearing the burdens of life.

Until quite recently she had employment with the Stronghurst Cigar Company where she was exceptionally industrious, possessed of a bright mind and cheerful disposition.

She is survived by her mother, two sisters and three brothers, all of whom live at home. Hazel was a faithful attendant of the Stronghurst Christian Sunday School and funeral services were held in that church with interment in the village cemetery.

***SARAH A.BROOK***Mrs. Sarah A. Brook, widow of the late John A. Brook died early Dec.17 at the home of her daughter, Mrs. R.N.Marshall, 4 miles southeast of Stronghurst. The deceased had been in rather poor health for quite a long time, but her last sickness extended over a period of only 10 days.

Sarah Ann Carothers, only daughter of Andrew and Lydia Fickes Carothers, was born in Cumberland Co., Penn., Sept.9, 1846. She came with her parents to Henderson County in 1851, the family making the journey largely by boat on the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers. Her parents established a home on a farm a few miles northeast of Olena where she grew to womanhood.

She united in marriage to John A.Brook Aug.27, 1867 who proceeded her in death Dec.15, 1911. To this union five children were born: Mrs. Anna Marshall and J.C.Brook of this vicinity and Mrs. Lydia Nichols of Burlington, Iowa, one daughter who died in infancy in 1870 and Mrs. Nellie Allison whose death occurred in 1908. She professed her faith at the age of 18.

Funeral services were held at the home with interment in the family lot in the local cemetery.

LOCAL AND AREA NEWS: A.L.Beaver is visiting his son Earl in Chicago. Mrs. Nellie Roberts of Horton, Kans. is a visitor at the home of her brother, Andrew Allison, east of Stronghurst. Ephriam Mosher, a former resident of this vicinity died at Passaic, Mo. Mr. Mosher was about 80 years old. John Boyd, formerly of Biggsville and lately a citizen of New London, Ia., died at the St.Francis Hospital in Burlington. Lyman Fort, who is engaged in teaching at Mitchell, S.Dak., arrived home for a holiday vacation. Mrs. E.Z.Cornwall, formerly Miss Nell Ross, arrived from Cashmere, Wash., to spend time with home folks. Joe Hicks who farms two miles northeast of Stronghurst has lost two valuable horses this week. The ice bridge is strong enough to permit the crossing of teams and wagons to Burlington.

With snow covering the ground evenly to a depth of about 6 inches and the weather cold enough to prevent thawing, there is an excellent prospect for a considerable period of good sleighing. All stock on the S.L.H.Gibson farm west of Kirkwood was slaughtered on account of infection with the hoof and mouth disease. 185 head of hogs and 14 milch cows were killed. Mr. A.L.VanTine of Elberton, Wash. Stopped at the home of Mr. and Mrs. J.E.Amerman on his way to New Jersey to visit relatives. Mr. and Mrs. Bert Moore of Winnipeg, Can. announce the arrival of a young son.

GLADSTONE GLEANINGS: Miss Iva, youngest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Gray was united in marriage to Mr. William Wiegand in Burlington. Mrs. H. Hicks of Kansas City, Mo., returned home after visiting her father, Mr. Jacob Rust. The stork left a fine baby girl at the residence of Mr. and Mrs. Alic Whitmore. Mr. Staats has moved his household goods from Kirkwood and will soon open a new general store in the building Elmer Pence bought and fixed up. Chas. Kemp lost a fine horse. Miss Zela Gray and Mr. Raymond Sholl were married at Springfield, Ill. The groom was raised in Oquawka and the bride grew up around this town. They will be at home at Beardstown where the groom is in the automobile business and is doing well.