The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.

The 1913 Graphic

Compiled and Edited by Virginia Ross
Registrar for Daniel McMillan Chapter, N.S.D.A.R.1913

Stronghurst Graphic, August 21, 1913

LOCAL AND AREA NEWS: George Gipe and wife went to St.Joseph, Mo. where Mrs. Gipe is expecting to receive surgical treatment at the hospital. Laura Brewer was brought home from the Galesburg hospital where she was recently operated on for appendicitis. While recovering nicely from the operation, she has been unfortunate enough to contract a case of whopping cough. Blake Stevenson has been attending the summer term at Cornell College in Mt.Vernon, Ia. Two expert sign artists for the Washburn-Crosby flour company were decorating some of the brick walls in town and attracted a crowd of spectators. ( Has anyone seen this sign on any of the old brick buildings in town?)

OQUAWKA OCCURRENCES: Peter Peterson sold his land east of town to Mrs. Sterner of Monmouth. George Lafferty sold his threshing machine outfit to a company of farmers in Rozetta. Mrs. Marsden, an old resident of Gladstone, was buried in the village cemetery. (This possibly could be Mrs. Campbell whose obituary appears later.) Elmer E. McDole of Rock Island was recently appointed game & fish warden for this district. Joe Allaman shipped a car load of hogs. G.T.Dixon of Rozetta joined the Grant Miller land excursion to Canada. Mr. Campbell who runs one of the ferries at this point has leased the ground on the Iowa side, the only point that a landing can be made to connect with the highway. This gives him exclusive control of the ferry business.

OBITUARY***Mrs. Amanda Campbell*** Everyone was shocked by the sudden death of Mrs. Amanda Campbell who was visiting her son James Cristy in Gladstone. She passed away sitting in a big rocking chair. She had made her home with her daughter Mrs. Jack Gearhart at Canton for several years and had expected to return there. She was an old pioneer of this place having spent most of her life here and in Oquawka where she was raised until her marriage. Since that time she had mostly lived in Gladstone. She was 80 years lacking 14 days of being 81 years and was in good health apparently when the end came. She leaves two sons: James Christy of Gladstone and W. Marsden of Burlington; 3 daughters-Mrs. Laura Williamson of Salt Lake City, Utah; Mrs. Hannah Gearhart of Canton and Mrs. Frank Wilcox of Quincy and 6 grandchildren. The funeral was held at the U.P.Church with interment at Oquawka.

LOMAX LINGERINGS: The old Lomax team played the Burlington Hornets and lost. Lee Porter has typhoid fever. The New City Stars boys of Lomax beat the Burlington Live Wires with a score of 22 to 1. Harry Sparrow and wife are attending a camp meeting in Adams County. Four new Ford automobiles have been purchased by citizens of the New City: Arch Blanchard, Fred Hill, F.F.Blocker and the Town Company. The Ford automobile given away as the grand prize was drawn by Geo. DeWerff of Moro, Madison County, Ill. Mr DeWerff started home with the car and at Dallas City ran into a curb and damaged it to such an extent that it had to be laid up for repairs. C.G.Davis has received a patent on his combination clothes brush and tiolet set in England; he now holds patents for this article in England, the United States, and Canada. In Terre Haute vicinity Mr. Chris S. Apt married Miss Jessie Bryan Aug. 14th.