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John Fedler Seeks Henderson County Coroner’s Spot On Republican Ballot In March Primary

John Fedler is running for the position of Henderson County Coroner on the Republican ballot in March.

Fedler is currently a Deputy Coroner in Henderson County and has lived in Oquawka with his wife Cindy for the last 20 years. The couple have two grown sons and one grandson.

Fedler grew up in Nauvoo and after high school graduation, he enlisted in the Army as a Military Policeman.

After completing his tour of service, Fedler returned home and began a career with the Iowa Department of Corrections. He recently retired from the Iowa Department of Corrections after 33+ years of service.

Fedler says, “I enjoy spending time with my family, riding or working on my Harley, hunting, and traveling with my wife. I am a member of the Oquawka Masonic Lodge and I have also served a 4-year term on the Oquawka Village Board.”

Fedler explains why he is seeking the position of Henderson County Coroner and why he is qualified:

“I have been a Deputy Coroner for our current Coroner, Kris Beals, since my retirement from the Iowa Department of Corrections. I have enjoyed serving under Kris and learning how he has completed his duties as the Coroner for the last 42 years.

“ I believe I am qualified for the Coroner’s position because of my past experience with the Iowa Department of Corrections and as a Military Policeman.

“Many people believe that the Coroner’s job is only to pronounce the death of an individual and that is actually not accurate. The Coroner is a Law Enforcement Official and one of the primary duties for the Coroner is that he/she is responsible for the investigation and certification of the cause and manner of death of an individual.

“During my career with Iowa Department of Corrections I held many different positions. Those positions included Correctional Officer, Lieutenant, Captain, Major, and Associate Warden of Security. As you can imagine, I have extensive experience in conducting investigations and death scenes.“

Fedler went on to say, “I have experience with all different types of death scenes including natural causes, homicides, and suicides. Through these years of experience, I have learned that having compassion for the deceased and their families, along with confidentiality are essential to any death investigation. It is for these reasons that I believe I am the best candidate for the Henderson County Coroner. I would appreciate your vote!”

The Primary Election will be held in Illinois on Tuesday, March 19, 2024.