The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.

Ethel Farkwad

Hello Folks!

Well I'll be jiggered!

It is so cold, even the dogs are taking our blankets! I can't believe how cold it is, so much so, Cornelius can't stop chattering his teeth!

Ever since he fixed a large supply of firewood for me to keep the home parlor warm and then I sent him out to scoop our walks, and of course, the tires needed aired up, and then, I told him he needed to go to the store and get some meat for stew I was going to make him, he's been chattering his teeth. The water in the toilet froze so it's back to the out-house…not much fun this time of year.

Thank your lucky stars if you have a modern bathroom, if you can keep the pipes from busting. I have heard stories about that and it can present a real bad mess.

Aunt Polly was visiting her rich relatives and lucked out as they had what is called a "hot" tub she was thinking of trying. I can't wait to hear about that!

Matilda Winer came over who did not have enough wood to keep her place warm and she brought her dog Frankie. He jumped on the couch and got under Cornelius's blanket he had been using and Matilda preceded to wrap him in it.

What you do to help out your neighbors. Poor Cornelius will need to put another layer of clothes on while I finish up the hot stew. It turned out to be a freezing but dandy evening as Matilda brought a pan of her fresh made apple strudel and we drank hot tea.

The wind was blowing and the house was getting colder but as you see, we finally figured out how to stay warm. There's no other way when it's 15 below!

Good Day folks!
Ethel Farkwad