The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.

Three Feathers Outreach

by Joanne Hilligoss, Associate Editor

Brad Beard with Three Feathers Outreach, Roseville, traveled to South Dakota in December to deliver items. Their next trip will be at the end of January, first part of February.

On the first weekend in May (May 4th and 5th), in Peoria at the UAW hall/MMIW individuals from the Pine Ridge Reservation, Cheyanne River and Standing Rock Reserve will be doing presentations. There will be actual teepees, an Indian Preacher. Kodeen One Skunk will be making and serving Indian tacos and Indian fry bread. The comedian “Mrs. Bubbles” will be performing on Saturday night. Sunday there will be an open church service. You will be able to ride ponies in war paint. There will be several Indian dancers.

Three Feathers Outreach Inc. is a non denominational faith based 501c3 not for profit organization with a focus on serving the indigenous native peoples of the United States of America. They are currently serving the Pine Ridge and Cheyanne River Reservations in South Dakota and the Standing Rock Reservation in North Dakota. Plans to expand the outreach are underway and will move forward as the funding becomes available.   

Beard explains that it is the goal to share the Love of Jesus Christ with people by assisting them with their basic everyday material needs. They send shipments of shelf stable food, HBA, new or gently used clothing, furniture, and other household goods on a regular basis. Three Feathers continually is seeking donations of these types of items as well as monetary donations in order to continue the work. Three Feathers does not receive government assistance and relies entirely on the donations of generous individuals and businesses alike.

While Three Feathers is faith based, it is not directly affiliated with any denomination or congregation, they simply rely on the Lord for direction and sustenance in their endeavors.

Please contact Brad Beard at 309-255-5117 if you have any questions.

At left, Brad Beard, founder of Three Feathers Outreach, Roseville, stands with Delores Curley after he was presented a handmade quilt as a "thank you" gift. Delores lives in Cherry Creek, South Dakota.

Above, are Christmas stockings stuffed with goodies from Peoria sent to Eagle Butte, South Dakota.