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Mayor Hasten-Reed Appoints Marvin Miller as 3rd Ward Councilman

by Michael Rodeffer, The Quill

After hearing committee report and public comment, Mayor Kat Hasten-Reed appointed Marvin Miller at the September 25th meeting to fill the spot for Ward 3.

The four council members present unanimously approved the Mayorís appointment.

Council member Randy Shumaker informed the council that Dr. Green, professor at WIU, had some tree starts available to the town if they are interested.

Shumaker noted the storm in June had caused extensive tree damage around the city. Shumaker noted there were several different varieties of trees available and thought the city park could use some new trees due to the extensive wind damage. Jim Lenix added that the National ARBOR Foundation also had a free tree program for towns available.

The council decided to look into the different possibilities for some new trees.

Water Report:

Tim Graves, water superintendent, informed the council a sewer line was plugged near the CCS Computer store. Graves noted it was a city line and he had gotten it unplugged but needed Lavadiere to flush it out. Graves also noted a new water meter was needed at the old nursing home building and he would look into prices for a new meter. Graves also noted he was out of the filters at the water plant and would need to order some. Cost is approximately $400 for 50 filters.

Police Reports:

Police Chief Lynn Hoyt had purchased a new AR rifle for $1675, which had been approved by the Mayor. Hoyt also noted their old AR rifle could be sold and was worth approximately $350.

Clerk's & Treasurer's Reports:

City Clerk Lucretia McPeak noted there was a credit of $2400 from Galesburg Builders Supply which she was looking into. McPeak also noted Friday, October 13th will be city wide clean-up.

City Treasurer Monalisa Graves informed the council that the auditor will be here on October 26 and 27th.

Mayor Kat Hasten-Reed informed the council there was probably not going to be the Annual Country Christmas due to miscommunication with several persons who were planning it. Hasten-Reed noted that plans were being made to have the Country Christmas event next year.


During public comment, Dan Gillett brought a historic sign which had been broken during the storm. The sign noted La Harpe as a Lilac City. Originally, the historical society had paid for the sign, but Gillett asked the city if they could help with the cost since the city would receive money for storm damage. The sign had been at the city park.

Also speaking during public comment was Dustin Detherage. Detherage is on the La Harpe School Board and informed the council that at the last school board meeting, the school board had signed a lease for a solar project which will be put on the 6 and 1/2 acre plot of land which was originally the old FFA plot. Detherage noted FFA had quit farming it and local farmers had been leasing it. Detherage also noted the school will be getting $19,200 yearly income which is substantially higher income than past rents. Detherage stated the government funds solar projects for schools and the project will not cost the school anything. Detherage also said any Ameren customers in the school district can sign up once the project is finished and receive a discount on their electric bill. The discount is yet to be determined, partly depending on how many people sign up. Detherage also noted the monthly electric bill at the school is approximately $3500 and the school should save about 80% of that amount.

Also during public comment, Hancock County Economic Development Director Samantha "Sam" Harnack spoke to the council about wanting to support the community in any way possible and also to help create a community plan if the council wanted. Harnack noted to receive grants, you need plans in place so you qualify for the grants. Harnack is very willing to help the community and any businesses in the area.


The council also discussed the possibility of selling the vacant lot east of the city park. The council decided to check with their attorney and come up with a price.

Council member Dave Clover noted a tree on city right of way in front of his house needed to come down.


The council unanimously approved

Council adjourned at 8:55 p.m.

Present at the meeting was Mayor Kat Hasten-Reed, council members Randy Shumaker, Dave Clover, Jim Lenix and Amanda Donaldson, City Clerk Lucretia McPeak, City Treasurer Monalisa Graves, new council member Marvin Miller, Dustin Dethrage, Tim Graves, Samantha Harnak, Police Chief Lynn Hoyt, Dan Gillett and Michael Rodeffer.