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Grads of Media Wever HS Enjoyed Class Gathering at Forbes'

On Saturday, September 30th, members of the graduating class of 1963 from Media Wever High School gathered to celebrate 60 years. The classes of 1962 and 1964 were also invited. Some attendees took in the option of touring the Henderson County Museum in Raritan during the morning, then traveling to the Hugh and Sheila Forbes Farm near Media. They spent the afternoon feasting and reminiscing about their school days and what had happened since. A special treat was the homemade ice cream made by Bonnie Taylor and her husband Jim, in their gigantic ice cream freezer.

They were honored to have Coach Harry Ray Billups and his family in attendance. Harry was a graduate of Stronghurst High School after a stint in the Navy, and graduating from Monmouth College, he came to Media High School to teach. He taught History and coach sports. He had married and moved his wife and daughter to live in Raritan. During the year it was a big deal when Coach Billups and his wife had a baby boy. He was at Media from the Fall of 1962 through the spring of 1965. He then moved to Sherrard.

It was a great afternoon!

Attending were: Coach Harry Ray Billups holding the Quill and his wife LorettaJohn Cassidy (1964), Janet Brokaw (1964), Donna Bond Lefler (1963), Hugh Forbes (1963), Gary Armstrong (1962), Bonnie Hulett Taylor (1963), David Overstreet (1963), John Knapp (1963), and a number of spouses were also in attendance.