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Board Announces Christmas Lighting Contest Winners

By: Shirley Linder, Quill Editor

At the Village of Stronghurst board meeting held on Wednesday, January 11, the winners for the residential Christmas lighting contest was announced. The judging was done by Oak Wood residents. Those winners include: 1st place: Rick and Larrie Schaley, 309 N. Morris St, $100; 2nd place: Tiffany Kaup, 112 N. Elizabeth, $50; and 3rd place: Dominic Del Carlo, 321 Mary St., $25.

Mike Bohnenkamp opened the meeting as mayor pro tem, with the Pledge of Allegiance, until Mayor Brendan Schaley arrived.

Guest Virginia Ross asked the board if they had received any money from the Inflation Reduction Act. Bohnenkamp replied not as far as he knew, as they were unaware of what it was.

Virginia also inquired as to the status of the Antiquity building. She was told they were not sure where it stands as the lawyer has not been here for some time, so they assume it is still in the court system. Virginia made them aware there is a cat in the Antiquity building again.

Ronnie Gittings reported that after sub zero temperature and a warming they had had a big leak day. Leaks were discovered at two houses which were unoccupied at the time, which caused twice the amount of water usage that day. They discovered twenty (20) leaks in town and have replaced two (2) water service lines this week which brings them down to twelve (12) leaks they are working on.

Gittings reported they had sold approximately $700 of scrap metal and would like to use the money to repair the roof of the building where they keep the backhoe. They received permission to use the money for that purpose.

Gittings also reported he had met with the fire station board and Scott Ford, who suggested getting an agreement with Mrs. Barbara Klossing to go into her back yard for removing the old water tower. This will be looked into.

Police Chief Arbry Vancil gave the police report for December which included: 74 hours worked; 4 training hours; 313 miles on squad car; 1 traffic stop with a verbal warning; 1 assist; 8 service calls; 10 business checks.

Mike Bohnenkamp said, ďAs a board I think we need to find out from Hollie (Allen) what is going on. My understanding is she is working one day this week and next and yet Brittany is not allowed to do anything because Hollie hasnít trained Brittany on some things. Thatís got to change, we need to know exactly what her plans are. Brittany needs to get acclimated to how things are done before things get piled on her at the last minute.Ē He went on to say he has had complaints that there are no more alerts of text messages being sent out and doesnít know if Hollie is too busy or what.

Brittany Smith said she has access to the passwords and can update the social media sites. She also stated she will be in the office from 8:30 a.m. until 3:30 p.m. daily.

Mayor Brendan Schaley said they will get Brittany Smith on the signature cards, bonded, notary, and access to everything and then ask what Hollieís plans are.

Mayor Schaley reported that since Shane Reed has turned in his official written resignation, effective December 1st, 2022 and Randy Jarvis had resigned earlier, that the bank signature cards needed to be updated. It was voted to remove Reed and Jarvis and put Brittany Smith and Paige Lafary on the signature cards.

Mike Swisher said is felt they needed to see when their contract with the lawyer is up and maybe put out a bid for a new firm. He stated the zoning committee has had an item ready since June that just needs an ordinance drawn up so the board can pass it, but it is not happening. Apparently response to requests to the attorney is slow to none. Mayor Schaley volunteered to reach out to them one last time and see it they want the job.

†In other business the board:

The meeting adjourned 6:40 p.m. until the next meeting on February 6th at 6 p.m.

Present were:

Mayor Brendan Schaley (arriving at 6:10 p.m.); Trustees, Mike Bohnenkamp, Janice Smith, Paige Torrance, Amanda VanArdale, Mike Swisher; Employees, Ronnie Gittings, Brittany Smith, Arbry Vancil; Guests, Representative of Benson & Associates, David Knutstrom, Virginia Ross, Shirley Linder for The Quill.