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Ethel Farkwad

Hello Folks!

For the life of me, I don't understand why people take their dogs out walking and let them run in other people's yards to do their business!

I heard they have been having trouble around several towns, not just ours, of people not scooping up their dogs doo-doo and it isn't pleasant for people taking walks in their own yard.

Cousin Ned dropped off his wife so she could walk on the new walking path in La Harpe and I guess the same thing is going on there with people bringing their dogs as they walk and forgetting to pick up their pooh.

Aunt Polly went over to visit a friend for dinner in an upstanding fine apartment building in Burlington, Iowa and the same thing was going on there too!

In fact, the door was posted with a warning sign about pet owners carrying a bag with them to pick up their dogs doings and they would be checked on from time to time to see if they were carrying a bag and scoop, and if they didn't comply with their lease agreement, management would take action.

Aunt Polly said she and her friends had a good discussion about the responsibilities of owning a pet. And if you aren't up to it, you just shouldn't have one.

As they were talking after dinner, you could hear it, she said. A dog in an apartment at the other end of the hall barking. It's owner, who lived alone, probably had the dog for company, but worked nights. All night long the dogs bark!(there were two). The owner has been warned, too! It is hard for others to sleep at night when dogs are yappin'. You really want to be a good neighbor, but it goes both ways.

I remember when two neighbor kids came over to my yard and decided to help themselves to my beautiful flowers in the garden. Seems they wanted to make their mother happy with a big bouquet. It wasn't long after they left when one of the moms had her young son by the ear, with the bouquet of my flowers in her other hand, and she was marching him back to my house.

Up the stairs he slowly came holding the flowers looking so bedraggled that Norman Rockwell would have had another idea for a front page Saturday Evening Post prize-winning portrait on his hands. Especially with me peering out the door, Jimmy standing there with his head down, holding the crumpled Daisies as he timidly reached up to knock on my door as his mom soberly stood with one foot on the step, her elbow on her knee, and her chin in her hand glaring at her son to not even think about running off to avoid my reaction of his pulling up my Daises and tromping through my garden.

Actually, I felt good that he came to say he wouldn't do it again, and he was sorry and he agreed to help me weed my flowers and in return, he would be given a bouquet of flowers.

Now, that's learning responsibility...something that seems to be missing today in our youth and adults.

Adults need to model good neighborly behavior by teaching their dogs and their kids, that being reckless on other people's property is just plain unacceptable!

Hope You Have A Good Day folks... and watch your step!

Ethel Farkwad

P.S. Try reading: How To Be A Good Neighbor For Dummies. That should get you off to a good start!