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The Henderson County Resource Dec. 16th Meeting

by Karen Cole -Henderson County Health Department
Community Health - 319 572 2592 (cell)

Several years ago Eagle View, Henderson County Health Dept, Brents Pharmacy and Bridgeway formed a group to pull together resources available to Henderson County residents. The group grew from four agencies to over 30 in a short time.

The group meets the 3rd Friday every other month at the Henderson County Health Department at 9 a.m. Each meeting we have a featured speaker. After the speaker each agency informs the group of services available and any activities they have planned. If someone is needing services, the group often brainstorms to find services for that individual. The public is invited to attend. Below is the minutes from the December meeting.

The Henderson County Resource meeting was held on Friday December 16, 2022 at the Henderson County Health Department in Gladstone.

Those attending were: Rhonda Hillyer-ROE 33 and Early Child, Kelly Dodd-Bridgeway Prevention, Sabrina Wilson & Stephanie Higgens- Eagle View Community Health, Tierra Collier AHEC (Mary Jane) , Andrew Sichling & Jim Gatti- Veterans Affairs, Janet Damewood-WIC HCHD, Sara Nelson Stone Hayes, Denise Young Alternatives, Becky Hobson- West Central School Counselor, Susan Thompson-Addus, Stacey Hall-Alternatives, Sharon Graham, Karen Cole and Angela Myers Henderson County Health Department.

Karen Cole was the presenter this month. She spoke of the many services of the Henderson County Health Department. (Info below)

The kitchen provides meals for the Henderson County Jail and the Head Start Program in Oquawka. This brought up much discussion about how many elderly receiving “ Meals On Wheels” are very disappointed with the food provided by Jamison Center. The food is barely warm and the food is mushy by the time they get it. The people receiving the food really desire the Henderson County Health Dept to provide the food again. When HCHD provided the meals they were very delicious and you could see thought and care was put into the planning for the menus. Often the arthritic fingers of residents cannot open the fruit or the plastic containers provided with the present meals. Angela and Sharon explained that Henderson County Health Dept lost the WIAAA Grant, that provides the meals, several years ago. It is a 3 year grant and HCHD will try for the grant again next year. We had tried in the past but were turned down. Discussion of a write in campaign during next grant cycle was mentioned.

Yesterday, December 15, the Health Department handed out 160 Christmas meals of turkey and all the goodies plus pie for a free will offering. It was DELICIOUS! Watch for it next year and register early to get a meal.

There is also a food pantry available on Tuesday afternoons 1p.m. to 3 p.m.

The HCHD also has Home Hospice and Home Health with RNs and LPNs going into homes to give care. We also have house keepers that go into seniors homes to help with doctor visits, shopping and other needed services.

HCHD also can provide transportation to doctors appointments for veterans, elderly and disabled for a suggested fee. There are 3 vehicles to provide these services. The Health Department is looking for volunteers to help with this service. They also have a variety of medical equipment to loan to county residents as well as adult incontinence products.

The gymnasium is full of exercise equipment and many people come to exercise and walk in the gym. There is also wheelchair adaptive equipment for exercising. The gym is open 8 to 4 and is free for use to anyone 18 and over.

Our recycle program is available to anyone in the county, it provides for the disposal of small electronic equipment. If you have old TVs, computers or monitors you would like to get rid of bring them in to the HCHD. There is NO FEE to dispose of these items.

The Health Department has an immunization clinic every Wednesday mornings from 8:00 to 9:00 a.m. The goal was to vaccinate 40% of Henderson County residents with Covid Vaccines.

As it turns out there has been 90% of the 60 and older vaccinated. There is a very low number of the 45 and below group vaccinated. There was group discussion about the difficulties of convincing certain groups that the vaccine won’t harm them and a variety of other myths. The newest one is “you cannot donate blood” FALSE!

Do you have old medicines you no longer need or want? You can safely dispose of them at HCHD by placing the pills in zip lock bags and bring them to us.

Real Estate inspections for water and septic systems are also provided by HCHD. If a person must prove to lenders information about septic systems the Health Department maintains records for those entities.

Water testing kits are available and they will also do septic system inspections for residents.

Janet Damewood continued the presentation by discussing the benefits of receiving WIC for expectant mothers, nursing mothers and children Birth to 5 years of age.

WIC is for Women, Infant and Children. Studies show the recipients of WIC have lower usage of Medicaid because of a healthy diet.

WIC provides the following at no cost:

A card much like a Link card is provided to be used in Illinois (only) businesses such as Fishers in Oquawka and Stronghurst, Save A Lot, County Market, and Fareway in Monmouth.

Walgreens and CVS Pharmacies also participate with the purchases of infant formula.

To be income-eligible for WIC:

If you have questions or are interested in making an appointment for WIC please cal 309 627 2812. Evening appointments are available. All information is confidential.

ROE/Rhonda Hillyer spoke of the Early Child Programs provided by the Regional Office of Education. These programs help parents with the child’s development according to ages. They can help find resources if other services are needed, such as speech, medical and hearing. Home visits and other FUN activities are provided FREE of cost. For more information call Amy Gipe at 309 734 6822

Home day cares are needed in Henderson County. There are agencies that can assist with the needed paperwork, and equipment to set up a registered day care. There is even free toys and equipment that can be applied for. The Regional Office of Education can assist with anyone interested in setting up a day care in their home. Contact Rhonda Hillyer for mor information309-345-0101.

A new Child Care Center will be opening in 2023 in Monmouth, in the old Knights of Columbus Building, they are in process of renovation and are looking for an administrator. If interested you can contact Nancy Mowen at Jamison Center in Monmouth.

Tierra Collier from West Central AHEC told of several programs they offer. They can act as a preceptor for medical staff, they coordinate medical internships in rural areas CAN trainings,3 to 5 day job shadowing, career camps, and many other medical training opportunities.

Becky Holson counselor for West Central School district. Was excited to learn of the services available to their students. She is new to the school even though she did work at Southern School District several years ago.

Susan Thompson from ADDUS Health Care is Hiring. ADDUS does home health care and hospice

Bridgeway Prevention with Kelly Dodd has been doing a life skills program at West Central High School and a Drug Prevention Program at the West Central Middle School.

WIRC has Safe Body and My Body programs available for Schools. WIRC also has Heat Assistance available and there is also a department for Victim’s Services.

Jim Gatti Veterans Assistance Program spoke of the services he can offer veterans. Most people assume he is only here to help with Homeless Veterans or ones that need medical services. A veteran is anyone that has served in the US Military active duty and has not been dishonorably discharged. His department can help with jobs, resumes, education programs, paperwork, homelessness, substance abuse programs, medical and mental health programs, and many other services. He is located in the Quad Cities but travels often to Warren and Henderson counties.

Samaritan Well in Macomb serves Henderson County if a homeless shelter is needed. This is to assist with transitional housing up to a year. They also assist with job searches and trainings for both men and women. They have separate houses for men and women

Eagle View will be opening new offices in Monmouth, on February 13. The open house will be on Feb. 10. The building located next to the Tin Cup at 230 South Main. Mental Health, Substance Abuse, Medical and Dental services will be offered at this sight.

Eagle View accepts Illinois Medicaid, Iowa Medicaid, Most Insurances, private pay, and offers a sliding fee scale to assist private pay or even after your insurance pays.

Eagle View is looking for another dentist at the present time. Since Eagle View is a Federally Qualified Health Center they can offer Federal Loan Repayment and State Loan Repayment for student loans. They also offer a $750 a month stipend for anyone in their last year of dental or medical school if they will sign a 3 year contract after graduation and licensing. (spread the word) Eagle View and the Health Department are teaming up to do many community outreach and Covid education programs. Eagle View has several CHW to assist people with resources and a person to help with the Open Enrolment Market Place. The Stronghurst office is happy to have Laurel Welty NP-PHD back as their medical provider. Yvonne Filmore is an amazing Behavioral Health Nurse Practioner at Oquawka. Also Jennifer Hand is another wonderful Nurse Practitioner at the Oquawka/Stronghurst offices. Karen shared several stories from people that had waited 4 hours at OSF in Galesburg for Emergency Care. He finally gave up and left. He called Eagle View and got in the same day. Then several days later the same man’s mother was ill with Covid and had waited several hours at OSF. He called and they got his mom into the Stronghurst clinic the same day. He was so pleased with the care they both got at Eagle View.

Eagle View’s ReCharge Teen Center in Monmouth is doing very well. It usually has 25 to 40 students per day.It would be great if Henderson County could do something like it.

Stone Hayes for Assisted Living in Galesburg also serves Henderson County. They advocate for services needed in schools with IEPs, 504s and other needs, help with applications, find housing for people, help find resources, have homemakers, offer transitional housing. One of the services I am amazed with is the amount of medical equipment they have on hand to loan out FREE of charge.309 344 1306.

Stone Hayes is also looking to hire assistants to work in Warren Henderson and Knox Counties.

Future Meeting Dates Presenters
February 17, 2023 Alysia Paulos & Rhonda Hillyer ROE
April 21, 2023 Alternatives
June 16, 2023 Compassus Hospice
August 18, 2023 Eagle View Community Health Systems
October 20, 2023 Bridgeway ROSC & YES Leann Courson & Jessie Boock
December 15, 2023 Veterans affairs Jim Gatti

The next Resource meeting will be on February 17 at 9:00 a.m..