The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.

The 1926 Graphic

Compiled and Edited by Virginia Ross

Stronghurst Graphic, Febuary 18, 1926

LINCOLN DAY SOCIAL: The Adult Classes of the Stronghurst U.P. Sabbath School entertained a large company of members of the organization and their friends at a Lincoln Birthday Social held in the church dining rooms last Friday.† A number of original and unique features were connected with the affair, one of which was a mimic White House reception of the days of Lincoln in which Mr. Chester Brooks and Miss Genevieve Strickland dressed in the costumes of the period taking the parts of the great emancipator and his wife.† The presidentís war cabinet was also represented by various members of the menís class of the Sabbath school, who stood to the receiving line and were introduced b their respective titles to the guests.

With Mr. Allan Annegers, acting as master of ceremonies, directed a program of narrations of Lincoln anecdotes, patriotic and popular song, games and stunts of various kinds.† After which, nice refreshments consisting of sandwiches, pineapple souffle, cake and coffee were served.† The entire affair was delightfully carried out and thoroughly enjoyed by everyone present.

HOG THIEVES IN THE AREA: While Mr. C. E. Painter and family of Terre Haute Township were away from home last Thursday evening, Feb. 11th, hog thieves operating with a truck, stole 8 fine full blooded brood sows from a pen in the barnyard of the premises.† An animal which they left in the pen gave evidence the next morning of having been doped with some stupefying drug; and it is supposed that the method of reducing the risk incurred in the work of transferring the hogs to the truck was made use of in the case of all of the animals. There are said to have been other cases of hog stealing recently in the country south and west of Terre Haute and the necessity of some organized effort to apprehend the criminals whose operations seem to be marked by great boldness would seem to be necessary.

BAZAAR AND SUPPER: The ladies of the Stronghurst U.P. Church will hold an Apron sale and Bazaar in the afternoon, a supper in the evening at the church on Friday, Feb. 19th.† The supper will begin at 5:30 pm and the menu will consist of chicken pie, mashed potatoes, gravy, baked beans, salad, pickles, bread, jelly, fruit salad, cake and coffee for the price of 25 cents.† Everyone invited. (In todayís values-$4.00 a head).

LOCAL AND AREA NEWS: A flue of the F. Allen Annegers farm house 3 Ĺ miles west of Stronghurst caught fire last Friday at about the noon hour and the blaze became so fierce that Mr.Annegers fearing for the safety of his house, telephoned the Stronghurst fire department for aid.† The appeal met with a prompt response, and the new fire truck, manned by a good crew of men was soon on the way to the Annegers farm.† Happily, however, the danger from the fire was largely over when they arrived and their services were not needed. Guy Leinbach, while running to join other members of the local fire department starting out with the fire truck to the Annegers farm last Friday came into such violent contact with a post standing in his pathway that he was knocked to the ground unconscious.† His forehead was badly bruised, but he had soon recovered sufficiently to be able to resume his work at the hardware store.

Mrs. Edgar Hartquist is recovering at the Macomb hospital from an appendicitis operation.† Mrs. Wm, Odgen of the south neighborhood of Stronghurst reports 41 chicks hatched out from a total of 45 eggs which she had set.† Here will be an opportunity get some Lincoln fries for a 4th of July dinner.† Report say that Mr. Glenn McElhinney has purchased from the Frank Gustafson estate the 80 acre tract of land which adjoins that of the W. J. McElhinney farm in Media Township.† The price paid is said to have been $100 per acre.† (If sold today at $100 worth we would pay-$1,593 per acre.† However, back then, the farm economy was still trying to recover from the after war deficit prices so to have such cash would be unusual.)†

With ice about 14 inches thick covering the surface of Lake Cooper, the large body of still water above the big Keokuk dam, the management of the hydroelectric plant there recently decided to increase their water supply by raising the level of the lake.† The result was that the 14 inches cracked under the strain the entire distance from Keokuk to above Fort Madison, the report being so sharp that people living along the river thought an earthquake was in progress. Miss Evelyn Hartquist, who had been at the home of her parents recovering from an attack of measles, returned to Mendota where she is employed as a teacher. A large crowd attended the sale of the personal property of the late Douglas Wasson; prices at which the property sold were highly satisfactory. (In this issue is a citation for a lawsuit between heirs so not all was harmonious.)† R. A. McKeown, who has been a sufferer for several years past from stomach trouble, was taken to the Burlington Hospital and underwent a very serious operation.† Since that time his condition has been such as to cause much anxiety on the part of friends.† He was reported this morning as having passed a fairly comfortable night and his condition was reported as more encouraging than at any time since the operation.† Artís many friends are all hoping for his ultimate recovery.

MEDIA RECORD IN THE STRONGHURST GRAPHIC: MEDIA QUINTET MAKES GOOD SHOWING: † The Media High School basket tossers have some reason to throw out their chests and look proud on account of the excellent showing they have made in the last two games.† Last Friday evening witnessed a fast game between the home team and Biggsville High.† Media went down the floor for a win of 15 to 7.† This win meant a great deal to the boys as Biggsville has always been a worthy opponent in days gone by.† Monday evening Media played Kirkwood at Kirkwood and came home with a win of 19 to 17.† This helped to heal their wounded pride over their loss to Kirkwood at the La Harpe tournament.