The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.

The 1926 Graphic

Compiled and Edited by Virginia Ross

Stronghurst Graphic: March 4, 1926

MOVEMENT FOR EXPERIMENTAL FACTORY: A petition to Congress is being circulated throughout this section of Illinois and Eastern Iowa, asking that the U. S. Government build an experimental factory in Henderson County to manufacture corn into its various products for the final consumer; and to divide the net profits of such manufacturing among the farmers, to each in proportion to his sales of corn to such factory,  the factory paying the local market price in cash for the corn sold and delivered to the factory; the farmer being under no obligation to sell his corn to such factory and not being in any way liable for the factory or for its operation…The committee on organization is composed of the following men: F. F. Rehling, Carman Township; Wm. Sparrow, Lomax Township; Henry C. Dehner, Gladstone Township; Spurgeon Musgove, Rozetta Township; George F. Galbraith, Gladstone Township; Ora Smith, Biggsville Township; Virgil Davis, Stronghurst Township; Chas. Pogue, Media Township; Edgar Hartquist, Media Township; and W. I. Nichol, Summer Township, Warren County.

LOST ALL BY FIRE: Mr. and Mrs. Axel Waring and family, who lived in the tenant house on the Hugh Allison farm one mile east of Stronghurst, suffered a heavy misfortune last Monday afternoon when their home and all their household effects were destroyed by fire.  The fire, which originated sometime about 3 o’clock in the attic of the small one-story frame building had gained such headway before it was discovered that Mrs. Waring and her two small children who were alone in the house at the time had barely time to make their escape.  Mr. Waring was away from home and before any of the neighbors arrived on the scene, the building was a mass of flames.  The saving of any of the contents was an impossibility.  A strong wind which prevailed was a factor in the quick destruction of the house.   When news that the home was on fire reached Stronghurst, a few of the fireman secured the hand chemical equipment from the engine house and made a run with them in the Simpson Bros. Truck to the scene of the fire.  They arrived too late, however, to be able to render any assistance of importance.

Mr. Allison carried some insurance on the house and also Mr. Waring carried a small amount on the contents which were destroyed.  The amount will, however, only partly compensate the family for the loss sustained and solicitation is being made for funds to supplement the amount of the insurance by church and lodge member brothers of Mr. Waring.

OBITUARY: Mrs. FANNIE F. REID:  Mrs. Reid, widow of the late Lucien S. Reid, who for many years and up to the time of his death in 1911, was owner and publisher of the Dallas City Review, passed away at the Cottage Hospital in Galesburg on Feb. 25th at the age of 60 years, 8 months, and 5 days.  Mrs. Reid retained the ownership of the Review following the death of her husband, but relinquished its active management to Messrs. Butler and Naftzger, who lease the plant.  However, as she had always been active in the office work and management of the paper during her husband’s lifetime, she continued up to the time of her death to maintain a lively interest in its operation and policies.

Mrs. Reid was also active to the social and religious affairs of her community and was highly esteemed by a large circle of friends.  She had been an occasional visitor to the home of Dr. Henderson in Stronghurst.  Funeral services were held at the home in Dallas City with interment in the Dallas City Cemetery

LOCAL AND AREA NEWS: The conference of local Boys’ and Girls’ Club leaders is being held at the Farm Bureau office in Stronghurst.  The Officers intend to make club work one of the important activities of this organization during the coming year.  Henderson County was represented at the 31st Annual State Farmers and Household Science Institute at Quincy, Ill. by Miss Audrey Marsden and Mrs. Asa Worthington Stronghurst.  Mrs. Joe Long reports that her daughter, Fern Coleman, was married at Cincinnati, Ohio on Fed. 15th to Mr. Russell George of Liberty, Ind. where the couple will make their future home.

The regular monthly luncheon of the Better Stronghurst League was held at the NuVon Café.  A large attendance was made up of guests and those from the village and surrounding community.  The road improvement committee reported that funds for improvement had been subscribed and there is now strong assurance that these roads will be given the attention the deserves and put in proper condition for oiling later in the season.  It was resolved that an invitation be extended to the Henderson County Boys and Girls’ Calf Club to hold their annual show in Stronghurst next fall.  Members were asked to submit a new name for the organization to focus on being a community group.

Mrs. Frances Harbour and Miss Mildred Grandey spent part of last Monday in Galesburg replenishing the Harbour Hat Shop spring stock. (A woman would not be seen without a hat at this time and wealth could be ascertained by the embellishments upon it.)  Philip Main, who is employed by the American Telegraph and Telephone Co. at Iowa City, Ia., was an over Sunday visitor with his parents.  Harold Lukens, who is now with Ingram Production Co., was an over the weekend visitor in town enroute to Grandville, Ill., where he will put on the show “Circus Solly.”  Al Justice and wife who lived on the Chant-Ivins-Widney farm near West Point, Il. last year, has returned to the Media neighborhood and will farm the Pendarvis place south of that village during the coming year.  A movement has been started by a group of Stronghurst businessmen men to revive the moving picture business here and there are indications that the Lyric Theatre will be opened for business in the future.

Mr. and Mrs. Ed Wanders and daughter Roxella have been visitors during the past week at the home of Mrs. Wander’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. B.Staley.  Mr. Wanders and family have been living in Ormonde for some time where he was employed by the Santa Fe Co.  He has been transferred to Princeville, Ill.  Mrs. Wanders and daughter will remain here until arrangements for a new home can be made.  F. G. Reynolds, John Peasley, T. C. Knutstrom and Ed Logan are serving on the petit jury this week in Oquawka. The Loyal Women’s Class of the Christian Church met at the home of the Apt sisters last Thursday afternoon with 20 presents.  A fine time and a fine lunch were served after the business period.  Mrs. O. W. Beckett, who have been basking in the golden California sunlight at Long Beach for several weeks is expected to arrive home within the next day or two.  Mrs. Martha Towler, mother of Wm. Towler, former dry goods merchant of Stronghurst passed away at her home in LaHarpe, Ill on Feb. 26 at the age of 80 years, 6 months and 24 days.   Ben Livermore and family of Raritan Township have moved to the Lamphere farm southeast of Stronghurst where Mr. Livermore will farm during the coming season.  R. A. McKeown at the Burlington Hospital continues to improve and unless unexpected developments occur, he hopes to be sufficiently recovered to be able to return home sometime next week. Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Hurd have returned to their home after a few months spent with their son Emerald in Galesburg. Ed Crapnell and family are moving from the Keener property in the east part of the village to the Chant property in the west side of the village vacated last week by J. W.S tine and family

The stockholders of the First National Bank of Roseville have voted to liquidate their assets and liabilities and establish a new banking concern to be known as the Farmers and Merchants National Bank of Roseville.  Work on the new Santa Fe bridge spanning the Mississippi river at Fort Madison is being pushed so rapidly that the bridge will be completed about six months ahead of schedule.  There are 300 men working on the structure now and it is intended to increase the number with the advent of milder weather.  Advertisement-Farm loans at 5% for 6,7, or 10 years are advertised by Christy and Annegers at the Bank of Galesburg.

BIGGSVILLE BRIEFS: At the home of Mr. and Mrs. Hugh McKeown, a company of friends gathered at the home east of town on the Gridley farm and gave them a farewell party as they left for Galesburg to make their home.  The evening was pleasantly enjoyed with games and visiting and a nice lunch which the guests had brought.  Those present were Mr. and Mrs. Ruben Stevenson, Mr. and Mrs. N. L. Wiegand, Mr. and Mrs. James Stevenson and daughter Adeline, Miss Lucile Rice, Medames  S. F. Rowley and C. T. Anderson, Mrs. Tom Nolan, Mack Whiteman and Mrs. Arthur McKeown of Stronghurst. The Ladies Aid of the M.E. Church had an all-day meeting at the home of Mrs. Walter McVey, whose birthday it was.  It was celebrated with a large cake as part of the potluck dinner. Estelline Dye has returned to the Burlington Hospital as she has not been well.

A new switchboard has been installed at the local office of the Inter-City Telephone Co.  It is the latest type of switchboard and will make the work of the operators easier.  It was installed under the direction of Mr. Wood, wire chief from Galesburg.  The basketball tournament closed on Saturday night with a record-breaking attendance.  People were gratified that the local team won first place. On March 4th at the Coloma School will be held the second number of a series of entertainments of which go toward equipment for the superior standard school. An interesting program with the B.H.S. Glee Club in two special numbers will be presented.


OBITUARY- JOHN ARTHUR POGUE: John Arthur Pogue was born March 26, 1887 and died March 1, 1926 following a week’s illness of influenza and pneumonia.  He was the son of William G. and Lurancy Rankin Pogue.  With the exception of a few years in LaHarpe and Monmouth, he spent his entire life on the farm near Media. He leaves to mourn his death his wife and four children: Dorothy, Alice, Earl and Max and also one brother, Charles and his mother.  He united with the Walnut Presbyterian Church when he was 14 years old and later transferred his membership to the Media Presbyterian Church.  Funeral services were held in the Media Presbyterian Church with interment in the Walnut Grove Cemetery.

SOCIAL AND PERSONAL NEWS: Next Sunday a sacred concert will be given by the choir of the United Church in place of the usual service.  The program will consist of selections by the entire choir, quartettes, duets and solos.  A silver offering will be taken to be used to purchase the Easter cantata books.  Mr. and Mrs. Walter Hendrickson have moved into the property here owned by the Co-operative Store.  The basketball team was unable to make the trip to Blandinsville Friday night to play the return game on account of bad roads.

OBITUARY: MRS. MARGARET BEGGS: Mrs. Beggs passed away Monday morning at the Monmouth Hospital where she was taken last summer when she suffered a general breakdown in health, death resulting from a combination of diseases.  Margaret McKee was born in Belfast, Ireland on May 4, 1851 and was the daughter of Samuel and Margaret McKee.  When a young girl, she came to this country with her mother and four other children of the family.  She was united in marriage to James Beggs of Biggsville, he having preceded her some years ago.  She leaves one sister, Mrs. William Sloan and one brother Adam Sloan of Biggsville.  Samuel McKee of Maquon and Henderson McKee of Chicago.  Funeral services were held in the church with interment in the Biggsville Cemetery.

OBITUARY: MRS. ANDREW RENSTROM:   Mrs. Renstrom passed away at her home northeast of Biggsville on Tuesday morning at 2 o’clock.  Ida C. Lindgren was born on August 14, 1857 at Aammanstras, Sweden and came to America when 21 years of age.  On Feb. 14, 1882 she united in marriage to Andrew Renstrom and to this union were born four children: Guy, Biggsville; Mrs. Whitney Melvin, Delevan, Minn.; Mrs. Byron Johnson, Smithshire; and Miss Ethel at home.  All were present at her death.  She leaves besides her husband and children, four grandchildren: Ray, Eloise, Andrew and Ethel May Melvin of Delevan, Minn., four brothers and one sister.  Funeral services were at the home.