The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.


by Dessa Rodeffer

Quill Publisher/Owner


May 18, 2022

So proud to have another HS graduate in the family even though I had to cancel my flight to Denver due to a torn "something" in my knee. I still was able to watch the whole thing virtually online.

Gracie Ericson, born 9/20/2004 is 17, my daughter Darci and son-in-law Dan Ericson's homeschooled daughter. She has taken college courses, sung in musicals, is a song leader for conference events and at her church in Eaton, plays the piano and guitar. With her outgoing personality and love for people, she plans to pursue a career in Real Estate.

We also have our 8th grade granddaughter Hattie Wood, daughter Heather and son in law Steve Wood's youngest of Carthage.

Hattie has overcome some physical challenges and has amazed us with her softball pitching ability and her love for her classmates and friends. We wish her the best at Illini West as a Charger.

Special thanks to Chris Greenhalge at Illini West for going the extra mile to make sure I have a Prom picture and caption and all the information for graduation and top awards at the ceremony with pictures.

It's helpful as the community gets to see what their tax dollars are doing for the kids in the school district and they appreciate the school personnel that go out of their way to keep us informed. The newspaper is still the unit where everyone can go to find out the activities in the community but it depends on others to make sure it is there so we thank you for your help.

Congratulations to all the grads and good luck!

P.S. Mayo Clinic X-rays done at GRMC, an injection at Steindler Clinic fixed my knee!

Gracie Ericson

Hattie Wood