The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.

The Kids In FFA Grow Strong

by Dessa Rodeffer
Quill Publisher/Owner

February 16, 2022

It is so impressive to see FFA members, leaders of tomorrow, help out in so many places, and doing what it takes to accomplish a task, or to help others with a task, or pitching in at their homes with work - supporting the family. That kind of learned-behavior the world needs more of.

I suspect it all begins at home, but there can be positive growth, or life might take a opposite turn depending on what one surrounds themselves with once away from home. In FFA, most kids become a blessing.

With imagination, ability, good attitude, energy and positive FFA leaders, a student can unleash hidden talents that will blossom from skills and opportunities they gain within FFA. Fear is erased, confidence replaced, and members will succeed as they achieve goals, and accomplish things they never thought they would or could. As their potential is realized, the sky's the limit.

Thank you to all of those giving people who support FFA. We salute you and all who are involved in FFA.