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La Harpe Has A New 1/2 Mile Walking Path In Their Park District

By Dessa Rodeffer -- The Quill Publisher/Owner

Yes, it's true. La Harpe now has an official 1/2 mile walking path that utilizes part of the clubhouse driveway, circles around the clubhouse, goes past the playground, the swimming pool, a couple of ball diamonds before returning to the Clubhouse where you can go around again or call it a day. There are some interesting slopes and hills on this thrifty, nifty 5 foot wide path that should allow two to walk together on, or maybe even three.

No, it is NOT a bike path. In fact, bikes are not allowed. And it doesn't wind through the wooded golf course that could bring some hazards from golfers miss-directed balls or someone hiding in the trees.

The path is similar to the one found near the public golf course in Macomb. It's not blacktop or concret but a pressed and hammered gravel or rock that is put over a 5-foot cleared area of dirt, grass and debri and then covered with a tarp to keep weeds and the gravel/rock from embedding into the dirt. It is a more economical way or providing a better walk through the park for those looing to get their daily exercise.

The work was all accomplished in about three days from ProEdge Property Services - owner Brandon DeWeese was one of the two men on the job.