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Council Approves Christmas Bonuses and Employee Dinner

By: Michael Rodeffer, The Quill

La Harpe City Council approved a $200 bonus for full time employees and $100 bonus for part time employees and dinner. See Page 10

Council also approved having a Christmas dinner for employees at the Annex.

Randy Shumaker informed the council he was trying to find a utility truck which would be suitable as a salt spreader truck and also use as a snowplow if needed.

Shumaker noted the city has been approved for $33.500 grant with the city having to pay about half the cost of the truck.

La Harpe Council cancelled the second meeting of the month which had been scheduled for December 26th.

La Harpe Council approved purchasing 2 hydraulic hoses for the city back hoe at a cost of $621.75.

La Harpe Council approved payment of $269,905.91 to W. L. Miller for the street repairs which were made this past fall. Council used motor fuel tax and rebuild funds to cover the cost.

City employee Trevor Finch informed the council he had found a lift which could be rented for $612 a week which could be used to trim trees on the Reservoir Road. Council approved spending up to $625 for a lift.

In other action council unanimously approved:

At 7:45 La Harpe Council went into executive session to discuss the ongoing situation with Trotter Contracting concerning the high service pumps at the new water plant.

No action was taken after the executive session.

Present at the meeting was Mayor Kat Hasten-Reed; Council members, Kelly Harkey, Deanna Stambaugh, Greg Wisslead, and Randy Shumaker; city employee Trevor Finch; city clerk Lucretia McPeak; guests Dan Gillett and Michael Rodeffer.

City attorney entered meeting at 7:00 p.m. and city police employee Lynn Hoyt entered at the meeting at 7:18 p.m.