The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.

The 1925 Graphic

Compiled and Edited by Virginia Ross

Stronghurst Graphic: July 2, 1925

"TRADED HIS FATHER'S CAR: One day last week Ray Vaughn, a young man living in the Media neighborhood, drove to the West Side Garage and traded His Ford car to R. L. Davis for a Dodge.  He took the Dodge and drove away.  In a short time came a notice to Mr. Davis that the young man's father owned the Ford car and it was taken without his consent and that he had replevined it.  Mr. Davis returned the Ford, Mr. Vaughn gave bond, and a hearing was held in Stronghurst Saturday when the father established his title to the car.  As the young man testified that he was of age, that the car belonged to him and gave Mr. Davis a bill of sale for it, a warrant has been or will be issued for his arrest.  Mr. Davis is out considerable money on the deal."—Blandinsivlle Star

WILL CLOSE ON THE 4TH: The merchants and business establishments of Stronghurst whose names appear below have decided upon the following arrangements for the observation of Independence Day: Business places will remain open Friday evening, July 3rd.  On Saturday, the 4th, they will close at 9 o'clock A.M. and remain closed for the balance of the day. (This is a list of businesses operating in 1925: Benteco Store, a grocery; F. O. Tweed; Beardsley Bros., a department store; W. C. Regan, undertaker; Wax Mercantile Co.; A. E. Jones, grocery; H. D. Lovitt; Wax Mercantile Co.; Ed Logan, a garage; Clore Battery Station; Mudd's Garage; Simpson Bros.; Farmers Co-Op Store; Beaver Barber Shop; Curry & Lukens, Barber Shop; K.E. Yoakam, jeweler; E. R. Grandey; Foster Lazear, drugstore?; and Knutstrom Garage.

DOWN HE WENT: Nat Bruen, who lives at present on his farm southwest of town, suffered a bad accident last Friday afternoon at about 6 o'clock when he fell in the barn lot and twisted his leg is such a manner as to fracture the large bone between the knee and ankle.  He was carried to the house and medical aid summoned.  He is now reported to be resting easily.  Although past 80 years of age, Mr Bruen's wonderful vitality which has carried him through experiences of a similar nature in times past, is expected to prove efficacious in his restoration from his last misfortune.

WEDDING BELLS***VOORHEES & MESECHER: Miss Ida Mesecher and Mr. Gilbert H. Voorhees, both well-known young people of Raritan, were united in marriage at the parsonage of the Presbyterian Church in Galesburg Tuesday morning with Rev. R. F. Jenney officiating.  The couple were attended by the mother and sister of the bride and Mr. and Mrs. Lyle Thrush.  The bridal pair left on a wedding trip to Denver and Colorado Springs and on their return will reside on the groom's farm near Raritan.

PAGEANT AT BIGGSVILLE: A pageant entitled "The Stars and Stripes," consisting of music, tableaus, speeches and flags will be given in the United Presbyterian Church at Biggsville Saturday evening at 7:45 o'clock.  Following the pageant Dr. W. P. White of the Moody Bible Institute of Chicago will give an address.  The affair will be under the auspices of Dr. Rena Rezner's Bible Class.  Admission is free.

PROTECTING THE BANKS: The Bankers of Henderson County met here last Thursday evening at the State Bank to further advance their plans for protection against bank hold-ups and robberies. (This is the time of Bonnie & Clyde.) All of the banks of the county except Biggsville were represented by officials or directors.  Sheriff Davenport was also present and each bank presented for his inspection a list of names of men chosen to act as guards and deputy sheriffs in the village or city where their institution is located.  The names of five men were submitted for places where there is but one bank and eight for places where there are two.  Arrangement for the purchase of shot guns, revolvers and other equipment necessary for carrying out the protective scheme as adopted by the Illinois State Bankers Federation were also made.  Methods for quickly spreading an alarm in the cases of hold-ups or robberies were also discussed. Another meeting will be held within about a month at which time the guards who have been selected will be sworn in as deputy sheriffs and arrangements for distributing the fire arms and other equipment made.

IDENTIFIED BY FINGER PRINTS: Through the aid of U.S. government authorities, the identity of the young man who was killed at Gladstone, Ill. on June 4th by a fast mail train has finally been established.  Finger prints of the man were sent to the government finger print bureau at Fort Leavenworth, Kans. Together with the name of James Ennis, which was found in a prayer book in the man's pocket.  It was found that the finger prints tallied with those of a James Ennis who had enlisted in the Engineer' Corps at Albany, N.Y. during the World War.  The records shows that Ennis was 36 years old and had no relatives living in this country.  The remains of Ennis were interred in St. John's cemetery in Burlington, Iowa with full military honors.

ALL SET FOR THE BIG PICNIC: Representatives of both the Henderson County and Des Moines County Farm Bureaus are busy putting the final touches on the big picnic to be held July 4th at the Burlington Fair Grounds.  A fine lot of prizes has been arranged for the drawing contest. Numbers covering the drawing were mailed to all members in both counties…A big picnic dinner at noon will be one of the most enjoyable features of the day while the Oakville Ladies' Band will fill in the musical part of the program.  The address by W. F. Schilling, Pres. Twin City Milk Producers Association of St. Paul, Minn. promises to be a real worthwhile occasion…Following this, the balance of the afternoon will be devoted to sports and baseball.  A feature will be the fast mule race, the mules being ridden by Chas. Bond, Secretary of the Greater Burlington Association; Rex Wickham, County Agent in Des Moines County; and Ernest Walker, Farm Advisor of Henderson County…